Friday, December 26, 2008

is for the beetle that came on Christmas, filled Rojo with joy, and finally moved us all on to other topics (for now).

E is for how early Rojo woke up on Christmas morning - 3:50, three, five, oh, my hell of God.

E is for the cool electronic "scoreboard" he got that doubles as a clock, and has his favorite college team's logo emblazoned on it.

T is for thankful - he stopped us all mid-opening and led us in (albeit, a "bad word"- filled) prayer of thanks to God, Christmas, Santa, and Bernie Mac.

L is for love that filled our home.

E is for everyone that he had go around the room at the end of the day, and say thank you.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Who knew beetles could mean so much? 'Specially loved the prayer. Can't you record these gems for a podcast or something? Great post as always. Happy day (without mo sneaux) for you!

Anonymous said...

That boy can light up a power outaged neighborhood like there is no tomorrow!
He is the Christmas spirit we all long for. May your next week be filled with endless games being accurately timed and scored by a first class score board... and the winner is Rojo! He really is the only who gets it.

Wanda said...

Oh, my hell of a god. What a riot! Thank you, CWL. Thank you.

Kathryn said...

I love him, he's so cool. Hey, that scoreboard was a really awesome gift for him, too!

Deb said...

Oh my hell of God, indeed! Did you really get up that early?

With the new scoreboard, does that mean you're off the hook?

I hope you're able to get out this week.

Drama Mama said...

I need to hear that prayer.

He was the only thing missing on my Xmas morning.

Robin said...

Good thing you found that Beetle before you got snowed in. Can you imagine the words in the prayer if Rojo didn't get it?

Jerri said...

"three, five, oh, my hell of God"

simply brilliant writing, Carrie.

New black beetle brilliant. Christmas morning brilliant. Rojo brilliant.

Amber said...

Funny and sweeet!