Sunday, December 14, 2008


STM and I went Christmas shopping and left Woohoo with Rojo, to "keep him alive." When we returned Rojo was in front of his computer, fully engrossed in Googling something. He's an excellent speller, and can maneuver Google like you wouldn't believe - seriously, he's so fast and so accurate, it makes me dizzy to watch, so I don't. I just occasionally peer over his head to make sure he hasn't stumbled on anything inappropriate. He did find a bleeped out version of Sesame Street's The Count, but that's not so much inappropriate, as just plain funny.

Anyway. All this is leading to the fact that by the time I got home and took a peek, he'd been Googling for a good hour.

On blue water bottles with black tops.

For over an hour.

He has a red water bottle with a black top, and he'd really like a blue one, too, you know, for trading off when the red one is dirty. His teacher wants the kids to bring eco-friendly reusable water bottles to school, rather than the recyclable ones you use and "toss." Sometimes "Red" is dirty, and this can make for a rough morning.

He didn't grow impatient. He didn't grow tired, with dogged perseverance he just kept putting different key words into Google to try to find what he was looking for.

Finally I grew both tired and impatient, after only 5 minutes of watching from the sidelines. I got up closer, looked at his most recent Google search, and he had typed, "BLUE WATER BOTTLE LIKE THE ONE I HAVE."

He thinks Google knows him.

And his water bottle.

And what he means.

And who am I to second guess the boy?

Maybe Google does.


Anonymous said...

If they don't their loss.
Get Santa on that one pronto!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Girlie, we could all learn valuable life lessons from that kid! Such persistence. :) (BTW, what does STM stand for? Been meaning to ask.) Is Santa bringing a blue bottle along with the black beetle? And furthermore, does Rojo love the Letter B?

Jerri said...

That Rojo lifts my spirits every time. His faith in the world and in life and in Google....well, they just knock me out.

Tell him thanks, would you? That boy is a light in the distance.

kario said...

I'll bet WooHoo loves Google, too ;-).

God bless the good spellers, every one!

Wanda said...

It seems to work. Maybe I'll try it.

Deb said...

It's not only Rojo's amazing spirit and belief in all things good, but also your ability to tell his stories that make him such a gift. Two for the price of one. Looking forward to seeing the blue bottle.

She said...

I seriously nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard! I LOVE that boy!


BTW, what came up on that search???

Jenny said...

Sometimes it's those types of searches that turn up the best things.

Terry said...

You can be pretty sure Google DOES know him. They can now predict the spread of the flu and its next location faster than the CDC! So, who's the smart one--again.

Michelle O'Neil said...

I'm with Rojo. Google knows EVERYTHING.

drama mama said...

Call Kleen Kanteen RIGHT NOW.

He MUST have it.