Monday, September 15, 2008


Two years ago this month, I met Courtney in NY at an author salon. Her warmth, kindness and exuberance

were anything but what I'd heard about "typical Manhattanites." Two years later I've had the pleasure of coming to know her even better, through blogs, e-mails, and in person. But yesterday I had the distinct honor of getting to read the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of her debut young adult novel, My So-Called Family.

Michelle O'Neil nails it when she says she's "Blume worthy," and I know to we serious Blume lovers, that is sacrosanct.

Having taught those middle grades, for whom this book is targeted, and just recently passing through them as a mother, I thought Courtney beautifully put us in the head of 13-year-old Leah, who has a mother and a "donor," not a father. I was particularly interested in this subject as I have a friend pursuing this path to motherhood.

Courtney has three other young adult books scheduled for release. It's a gift to live through those middle years and remember them so poignantly. It's a gift to put a 21st century spin to age-old angst. It's a gift to read and know Courtney.

Look for your copy of MY SO-CALLED FAMILY at your nearest independent bookstore October 21st.


Maddy said...

13? Not so far away really. I could do with an update. Like you I've already been through that 'parenting' phase, but she's 27 now and I could probably do with a refresher course before it hits again.

So who did you have to sell your soul to, to get on the 'advanced' / pre pub reader / review list. [one small soul for rent here!]


Joanne said...

What a nice write-up. Any writer who can put us inside the head of their characters has succeeded!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a great book - I will keep my eyes open I think big sis would love it!!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Hope your friend's book goes up the charts.

She said...

You rock, Carrie! What a wonderful tribute to Courtney and her book.

17 year olds??? I teach seniors. Do you think they'd like it?

Go Mama said...

So cool!

On another topic, why does your page take 10 fricken minutes to load these days??!!! Gettin' wiji, are ya?

Terry Whitaker said...

So, so proud of that young woman.