Friday, September 26, 2008


Just read Michelle O'Neil's post about cracking the code of something her daughter was worried about, only to discover another part of the mystery.

Reminded me of my recent conversation with Rojo.

Me: "Rojo - tell me about this new expression of yours, 'Give me an apple!'"

Rojo: "Instead of saying, 'Give me a damn minute,' I say, 'Give me an apple,' because that's not sassy."

Think of the possibilities! If Rojo's substitute catches on, or even better, gets reversed, we could have all kinds of new and exciting terms in our collective language!

"I'm heading to NYC! I've always wanted to see the Big Give Me a Damn Minute!"

"Here, teacher, you're the best, have a damn minute!"

"A damn minute a day, keeps the doctor away."

You get the idea.

Can't talk now - gotta go make give me a damn minute sauce.

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Nancy said...

Now just give me an apple! Oh my hell of God. I wish Rojo were in charge of the world. All would be right!

Maddy said...

Yes I read that too and it gave me pause for thought. I've only jotted down a few notes so far, but as you say, ooo the possibilities.

I like the fact that he 'self substituted,' much more effective than me trying to slip something else in place.

Jerri said...

"because that's not sassy."

I love that boy. Oh my hell of God, how I love that boy.

kario said...

My girls are busy trying to figure out ways to BE sassy. Perhaps they should spend an afternoon with Rojo sometime.

Angie Ledbetter said...

This is beyond precious. I think that was the thing I liked most about teaching my special needs babies for 4 years...they were so genius, and man, those literal translations! Adults should listen harder to children. They always find solutions. ;)

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love that boy of yours. Hope he never loses his sassiness.

Joanne said...

Oh, if they could all be that brilliant sassy, looking at the world originally!

Drama Mama said...

OMG. Miss M's favorite word is SASSY. Today, she told me about a gift that she'd like to get for her (Jewish) friend for "Chronica."

Yup. You guessed it. Xmas plus Hanukkah.

RoJo. I love that boy.

Can we marry them?

Carrie Wilson Link said...

DM - yes. Nothing would make me happier.