Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I had lunch with three of my woo-wooiest friends on Monday. Heaven. Pure. Heaven. In fact, the whole, "Whenever two or more of you are gathered..." comes to mind. There was divine
energy ping-ponging in such a fashion I'm surprised we didn't put an eye out in one of the surrounding patrons.

One of us had just had a birthday, July 3rd. Another of us said, "Hey! My birthday is January 3rd, that's exactly six months later!" That, in and of itself, was interesting enough, but as we kept discussing our various lives, interests, talents, struggles, tendencies, and putting them against our astrological charts, we learned these two had nearly opposite charts. One was all "below" and the other, all "above." The "below" person is introverted, quiet, she minimizes her amazing gifts and talents (in my opinion) and tends to sublimate them. The other person with the "above" chart is quick to say, "I can do that!" This person is extroverted, vivacious, demonstrative, confident, etc.

On the drive home I started to think of my own chart (pretty much an "above" chart, too) and then think of who do I know that is born on the "other side" of me. It blew my mind. An inordinate number of old, dear, EASY friends have birthdays EXACTLY 6 months after/before mine, August to my February.

Are we two parts of the whole? Do we balance one another? Alter egos? Light and dark? Above and below? Extroverted and introverted?

I don't think we ever need another to "complete" us, but what about BALANCE us? I need me some balancing, and my August people all do that for me.

Anyway, the food at the restaurant was delicious, and I've been enjoying chewing on that conversation ever since.


Jerri said...

Totally cool.

Me. I'll take balance any way I can get it. Would October be the opposite of my May birthday?

Terry Whitaker said...

So happy I'm one of your "Augusts"

kario said...

Hey - I'm one of Jerri's opposites! No wonder my girls get along so well - they are exactly two and a half years apart. To. The. Day.

Thanks for the fun stuff to think about, my dear!

Eileen said...

Balance makes the world a happier place. Love our friends who help make that balance happen. Glad you had your time with your girls.

Drama Mama said...

Do you need a January?
(You can't see me, but I am politely raising my hand)

marge said...

Hey. Never thought of it like that but it is so true. My two sons are exactly 4 1/2 years apart to the day. They are opposites. What will scotty do without his brother next year when he graduates. They both already ask about that.