Monday, July 07, 2008


So, I'm supposed to be rewriting, right? And of course I'm not, right? BUT, you will be oh so impressed when you hear what I HAVE been doing!

* Ordered all of Rojo's uniforms for school, which involved measuring him, tremendous guess work as to how much he'll grow, and inventorying all the hand-me-downs to first see what we already have that will work!

* Cleaned all three coffee makers (three story house, three coffee makers, duh).

* Weeded my entire yard, front and back, all window boxes, planters and have made a nice start on both adjacent neighbors' yards.

* Decided yesterday was the day I'd finally burn me some Peter, Paul and Mary mixed CDs, and don't you just know it, they have made over a hundred songs, so this meant lots of burning, three disks in all, then making pretty mosaic cover sheet inserts, finding the paper cutter in Woohoo's room (no small feat) and cutting them all exactly perfectly to fit in their coordinating jewel cases, after, and only after, matching the right Sharpie color to best blend with the jewel case and mosaic insert.

* Discovered that when I listen to said Peter, Paul and Mary CDs with my headphones (am I the only American that doesn't own an i-Pod and ear buds?), Peter sings to me in one ear, and Paul in the other. Mary comes through both. Love that about Mary.

* Experimented with leftover s'mores makings and found that if you put a marshmallow on a graham cracker, then put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, it will melt nicely. Any longer than that and you've just earned another way to piss away time, because that marshmallow is going to explode all over the place. Also found that instead of a marshmallow, a bit of peanut butter and some Hershey's chocolate melts nicely, and is delicious, in the microwave, too, but you're going to want 30 seconds for that concoction.

* Did all the laundry I didn't do before vacation, and all the laundry accumulated on vacation, then folded it in a manner fitting a GAP employee, and put it all away in freshly organized drawers throughout the house!

* Sorted out all the over-the-counter meds in the house, tossed all the expired ones, sorted them according to purpose: pain relief, allergy remedies, first aid, etc., found really cute little decorative storage units, got them all facing the same way, and laid them on just-wiped shelves.

* "Filed" everything electronically, went through all my emails, purged, sorted, hyper organized and labeled. I can find anything now - try me.

I'd finish this list but I've gotta go to Target and buy all the school supplies, heck, September 2nd is RIGHT around the corner!


Norm said...


Michelle O'Neil said...

What I wouldn't give to have one tenth of your energy.

And yes, school will come and so will your re-writes. You're just clearing space.

marge said...

Do you hire out? I need help organizing my house. I feel like I am always a step behind. Love you.

Suzy said...

After you finish at Target, can you come by and train my dogs?

That should only take about, oh um, 3 years for Woody- he's 11 now and um, 7 years for Penny. She's five.

Love you,

PS I am rewriting also, but first must count all the hairs on the dogs.......

Kathryn said...

You know how a dog kind of spins in a circle before he finally lies down? That whirly thing they do? You're just preparing, like M says! And, my God, I had the same thought..the energy of a teenager, I swear!!

La La said...

OMG! Stop drinking so much coffee!

You sound like the freakin' energizer bunny!

I'm with Michelle. I wish I had one tenth of your energy.

You forgot to mention that you wrote a blog entry and commented on others' blogs.

Go Mama said...

OK, so now that you've organized your entire household, you're ready to get back to work, right? But if you need any more distractions, you're welcome to come and weed in my yard any damn time.

Special Needs Mama said...

Uh oh. Methinks you need intervention. Is there a library nearby?

Nancy said...

Three coffee pots? You are my hero!

Drama Mama said...

I just like a Reduced-Fat Ritz cracker, a spot of pnut butter, THEN the marshmallow. 1 minute toaster oven.

But that's just me.

Preening your nest in preparation, that's all.

Terry Whitaker said...

will you PLEASE come to my house and get crackin!

Jenny said...

You crack me up. Finish your book already so I can read it!

MY OWN WOMAN... said...

I laughed the entire time I was reading your post. When I was in college, right before a big test, I'd pick THAT particular time to spring clean my house, clean out drawers, wash all the laundry, do some ironing, which I try never to do, and organize all my books. It took me a little while to realize that this "process" was me working off anxiety. Then I'd sit down and study. I'm laughing, cause I think you're dolng the same.

kario said...

You rock! Wish I could look forward to having such a clean house after doing my rewrites! I'll have an even messier one, no doubt.