Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Well, after MUCH procrastination/distraction/various other avoidance tactics, I wrote the flippin' pages I needed to write. That's the good news. The bad news is that in doing so, I painted myself in an emotional corner. I'm stuck now - no way out, only option is to step on the newly painted floor and make a big mess.

I hate big messes.

But I can't just "stand" here.

And so I venture from my emotional corner, one tentative foot at a time, gingerly moving forward and through the emotions that got all stirred up.

* Photo from www.jupiterimages.com


Per said...

I think a walk and good conversation with a friend will ease you out of that corner. At any rate I hope so.

Sue said...

Put on all your pearls, trudge through that sticky paint and just get it all over you.


La La said...

Go ahead and make a mess. Coming out on the other side is far better than staying stuck in the corner.

You're amazing. We are rooting for you.

Suzy said...

that's what the flippin' rewrite is all about my friend...

Love you.


Jerri said...

Paint wears off in time, just like the sharp edges of most emotional messes.

Terry Whitaker said...

Jerri makes such great comments!

kario said...

Crap! This rewriting stuff is so much harder than I imagined!

Just remember, the footprints you make with the paint will absolutely, positively be gorgeous, as most honest messes are.


Anonymous said...

I have 100% faith in you, you'll be out of that corner in no time. AND, the lessons you will learn from it, will be priceless. Noone keeps you in a corner for long, not even yourself.

Keep moving. Your so close.