Friday, July 11, 2008

So, Rojo is 12 on Monday and still eats toothpaste, still writes on the walls with Sharpies, etc., etc., etc., but I'm telling you, that boy is TAPPED IN!

Last night I was tucking him in, I said, "Who do I love?" We have done this routine for years, the response is always the same, and it goes a little something like this:

ME: "Who do I love?"

HIM: "Me."

ME: "How much?"

HIM: "Every day, all day long, my whole life."

But last night, he didn't say, "me." He started down the list of all other possible suspects.

HIM: "Woohoo"

ME: "Yes, I love Woohoo."

HIM: "Grandma and Papa?"

ME: "Yes, I love Grandma and Papa."

And on and on it went until he came to a friend we'll call Belle.

HIM: "Belle?"

ME: "Yes, I love Belle."

HIM: "But you do not talk to Belle on the telephone anymore."

ME: "No, that's true, but I still love Belle."

That blew my mind, then he blew it even further by asking about a woman I've known for a decade, whom I prefer to call TOXIC WOMAN.

HIM: "What about ____________'s mom?"

I knew exactly who he meant, but pretended not to.

ME: "Who?"

HIM: "You know, the mom of ____________?"

I have said, I thought to myself and never out loud, certainly not in front of him, "My GOD, how I hate that woman! That woman is corrosive! That woman is dangerous! That woman is to be avoided at all costs! That woman, that woman, that woman..."



I forgot about the period.

ME: "You're right. I need to work on loving ____________'s mom."


Jerri said...

That period is one of your trademarks, my friend.

In situations where our reach exceeds our grasp, we just keep trying.

Pretty sure Rojo knows that. He's tuned in, that boy.

Per said...

I would head to the nearest 7-eleven with that boy and let him buy a lottery ticket.

drama mama said...

Whoa. Rojo.


He's a guru.

kario said...

Yup, he's got your number, my dear. 'Fraid so.

What a gift you two are to each other. It gives me goosebumps.

Love you all.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Take an "A." Both of you.

Anonymous said...

Rojo totally gets it. He is one perceptive and sweet little boy. I wish we could all see the world from such a caring place.

I bet you had sweet dreams after that tuck in session.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I think sometimes it doesn't hurt to tell our children that some people just aren't loveable and it's not our job to love them when they are so horribly toxic. Telling them not to hate the person is probably the best that I could do!

La La said...

I want to meet Rojo! What a gift!

Jess said...

Whoa. He is tuned in. Kids really don't miss anything.

Happy Happry Birthday to Rojo. :)