Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rojo had a great birthday! The Monday before his birthday, he said, "Did you remember to get me a garbage truck for my birthday?" Well, unbelievably enough, no, I had not remembered. But, thanks be to the Internet gods, I was able to find THE PERFECT GARBAGE TRUCK and clicked away, ensuring its prompt delivery.

And it didn't come.

And I got quite panicky.

And Rojo asked every single hour/day, "Did my garbage truck come?"

So, his birthday comes, still no garbage truck. We go bowling (11:15, this had been planned, to the minute, for three months, count 'em), come home, have lunch with the whole family gathered round our dusty, seldom used dining table, and lo and behold, ding dong, Mr. THANK THE GOOD LORD, UPS GUY shows up with the garbage truck!

Well, it required assembling, but two power drills later, that sucker was good to go.

And he has not stopped playing with it since.

Today he said, "Did you want to take a picture of my garbage truck for your blog? And did you want my cat, Tom, to be in the picture, too?"

Yes, I did, as a matter of fact, funny he should ask.


Jerri said...

Did you know we wanted to hear about Rojo's birthday.

Yes, as a matter of fact, you did, because here is this story.

Thank you.

La La said...

Gotta love that KID! Asking for what he wants is AWESOME! How often are we "required" to read others' minds and figure out what they want/need from us. I give him (and you) an A+++!

shawn said...

What a GOOD Mom ... thanks for sharing the story and I hope he enjoys his garbage truck as much as we've enjoyed hearing about its arrival !!

Maddy said...

A star indeed, so aware.
Best wishes

Per said...

Love that boy.

Deb said...

Oh to be so happy with a cat and a garbage truck! I love the team that you are.

Go Mama said...

The universe provides....along with the dilligence and patience of a saint!
Happy Birthday Rojo!

Jenny said...

You are so funny. Glad Rojo had a great b-day. Is that a trunk in the picture, b/c I have one that looks just like it.

P.S. I'm still waiting to find out what was behind Door #1.

Kathryn said...

How wonderful - Thank God for UPS. Sounds like he had a wonderful day. We always love pictures.

Michelle O'Neil said...

So glad his truck came on time!

Vroom vroom!

Anonymous said...

Pefect timing for the perfect birthday. I am so glad it was a great day for him and UPS didn't let him down.

Love the picture.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, what would have happened had the truck NOT arrived on time?

Amber said...

Aww! I am happy he had a good birthday. Happy Birthday!