Monday, December 31, 2007


10. NAR NAR CHAI LA DAKPO MA-GYAB NA RIL RIL OWE LA DO CHAR BAB-YOUNG Which mean, you will get stone of showers on your round head, if you don't control your long tongue.

9. Michael go to the refrigerator three times before I talk to him in the morning (for cream in his coffee). He no talk until third time there.

8. I no drink the coffee anymore. When I drink the coffee, everything Michael say, WRONG!

7. You talk to your mama like that in India? Bam, bam! (After hearing Woohoo speak to me.)

6. After going to a Catholic Mass with me, she's been saying, "Alleluia!" at the end of nearly everything.

5. You cannot cut your hair after sun go down, your spirit will go right away.

4. Little Boy think he king! (Speaking of her son.)

3. I live like rock star! (She said this even when the floors were plywood, there was no central heat, no completed bathroom in the house, no oven, no stove, no dishwasher, you get the idea.)

2. I love to watch wrestling on TV! It's REAL, Sister Carrie!

1. "I LOVE IT!" said approximately 100 x a day.


Kim said...

Re. #1: I love her!

Re. #8: Hmm, that explains a lot in my house. Oh well, TT is just going to have to get really comfortable with remaining "wrong."

Happy New Year CP!

Kathryn said...

She is cool. How nice to have her as part of your family.

Anonymous said...

Love that you listen, sort, prioritize, and publish your top ten.
Any predictions for '08?

Michelle O'Neil said...

Love her!

Bam! Bam!

Eileen said...

She sounds wonderful, pure light!! How very lucky you are to have someone so special in your family. Loving this list.

Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

LUH-UV this list! Especially #10. I think that's my answer to your previous post. Yes, I can work at letting go of some things, but I must maintain control of my tongue!

paul m martin said...

Bet she picks up in fluency fast. When I was teaching ESL, I noticed that people who weren't afraid to have fun with the language, make mistakes and experiment, made more rapid gains than low linguistic risk takers, so to speak.

shauna said...

I would do well to hang out with your sister-in-law for a day!

drama mama said...

I LOVE her!

I live like rock star. That's my new mantra.