Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks for all the great feedback we got from last year's letter - wow! We didn't realize we had such power, such influence! We were able to TOTALLY RUIN life for many of you, and TOTALLY DELIGHT some of you, all with the same little ol' letter! We are hardly worthy of such import, but thanks, none-the-less!

We're happy to report 2007 has been QUITE the year for the Links! All FOUR of us are now pooping in the toilet! Hurrah!

Carrie finished her book and just about finished her marriage! Ha, ha, ha! Now her book, and her marriage, wait for the results to come in. Will an agent sign her on? Will an agent get her book to sell? Will she make it to the yellow couch? Will her husband stick with her if any of those things happen? We will see! Excitement abounds! 2008 already promises a year of drama!

Rojo never made it out of the Willamette Valley this year. If there ain't no cable, there ain't no Rojo! He doesn't like to be too far away from his daily doses of "Drake and Josh" and "Suite Life of Zach and Cody." But can we just say, thank God for ESPN? "We" know ALL the teams, professional and college! Basketball and football! We know all the mascots, too! Go ahead and try us! You can't stump us, no way, that just goes to show you what a good case of OCD can do for a person! Plus, there just isn't anything more fun than playing the "What does Boston College Stand for?" game! Come on, everybody, say it with me, "Eagles! Go Eagles, Go!"

Our little girl is a teenager now, and that prohibits us from saying anything that could in anyway be interpreted as critical, so, well, enough said! We can say, all those years of arguing? Excellent practice for the teenage years! We really like to prepare our kids well for the next stage of life, and we are going to go ahead and take an A for this one. The girl is a world class arguer! The. Best.

STM continues to be husband and father-of-the-year while his flakey wife squeaks out the last few drops of her "Power Year." She is strongly considering switching it to the "Power Decade" - one year just really isn't enough to do the kind of personal growth, a.k.a. make life a living hell for everyone, that she intends to do!

The Links continue to enjoy the benefits of finding out who their true friends are! Nothing like a dissident blog writer to separate the wheat from the chafe! We've been effectively black balled from some social circles, but that's OK, we have cable! Who needs cocktail parties?

STM and Carrie celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary this month, 22 years of togetherness. Carrie has officially spent 1/2 her life with this man now, and he is still full of surprises! Just when she thinks she's pushed as far as she can push, he opens his big, warm heart and makes more room.

Happy holidays from our crazy household to yours!

The Links

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Kathryn said...

Wow, Carrie. What a year! What kids! What a husband! Congrats to you on your book and your wedding anniverary. I can see you on that yellow couch.

Nancy said...

Best Holiday letter I have ever read. Go for the power decade, Carrie! You are nowhere near done!

Casdok said...

Happy holidays to you to!

Jerri said...

Power on, my girl.

Go Mama said...

Just a typical year for the Links! Woo Hoo..

Well I have some thoughts. Rojo could use his ocd skills to plot the team's winning probabilities to his advantage. He's done it before. Can you say OTB at your house? Is that legal? What if you put his winnings into a college fund?

And your girl...sign her up for some pre-law courses. All she needs is some debate structure and you'll have a first class litigator, not to mention bread-winner, on your hands.

As for your hubs, he sounds like a bear-ferocious yet generous and warm-hearted. Congrats on 22 years. That is quite an accomplishment.

And you, I am absolutely thrilled your book is making the rounds. As I said before, Carrie on! Rah rah.

With all this, how can you not have a joyous new year!!

Anonymous said...

It's not that you're not's you choose not to go.
more later

La La said...

How do you know my household is crazy? LOL! Oh, you read my blog? You met me???

Great letter! Love it. I'm trying to write mine. I started with, "I ain't got no husband, no kiddos, not even a Christmas tree, and if I can't brag about how wonderful my family is, and all of the trophies they've won, and their academic pursuits and brilliance, well, I'm just lost as to what to tell you!"

Yours inspires me in an entirely different way. Maybe I'll start with, "Greetings from my crazy household to yours!"

Jenny said...

Happy Holidays Fully Caffeinated!

a fan said...

love love love this christmas letter. oh, i wish i had written it. The teenage daughter paragraph is the best. i'm saving that when my daughter is a teenager.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Funny how the same letter can illicit polar opposite responses. We all do create our own reality.


Happy Holidays!

riversgrace said...

Death and rebirth, can't beat it! And sports teams to boot.

Most people who go through the level of growth and change that you have in a year DO end up divorced, homeless, bankrupt - something!

You've weathered that storm beautifully, with the core landscape intact. That's something to write about!

Suzy said...


Happy Anniversary...



Deb said...

If there were a book of the best Christmas letters, this would be the first chapter! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Kim said...

I loved it last year and I love it this year! NOW it really feels like the holiday season!

Julie Christine said...

Wow! Congrats on finishing your book. Will be waiting anxiously to get a copy WHEN it gets published. We will all be sending positive thoughts that this will happen soon!

shauna said...

Brilliant. Can I pay you to write mine? :)

kario said...

You guys rock. I can't wait until we live a little closer so I can invite all you nutty Links to my cocktail parties. We can enjoy wine and chocolate and re-enact a few football games in the family room.