Friday, December 07, 2007


Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It is also the 7th of the month. Some of you may already be doing this, but if not, please join me and my neighbors as we stand outside at 7:00 PM, and share a 7 minute prayer for peace in this world. We light our candles, bow our heads, close our eyes, and we come together.

We are Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Agnostics.

We are neighbors.

We want peace.

We believe peace is possible.

Please join us.



Jerri said...

Carrie--I missed this yesterday. Do you do this on the 7th of every month, or just December? Either way, I'm there for it. Lovely idea.

Eileen said...

I was with you last night Carrie. Went out by the lake, which is now totally frozen, and said a prayer for peace. So little was done at school, it made me sad.

Suzy said...

Peace for all.



Kim said...

Beautiful. I'm sorry I missed it.

Do you mean 7pm PST? Just checking so I can be on board for the next one!