Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Key-rist! I've been roared by Jenny Rough at Roughly Speaking. What an honor!

OK, so I am supposed to list three things that make great writing. Well, let's see:

1) HUMOR - I like to laugh! If you have a sad ass story to tell, you don't have to be Robin Williams, but you need some humor to break up all the sadness. Some of my favorite books have depressing stories, but aren't depressing to read. That was what I loved about Blackbird, my favorite book of all time.

2) Cut to the chase! Be succinct, but don't forget to paint the reader enough of a stage that they feel they are there.

3) Make me think. Challenge me. Turn something I hold as true, and force me to re-think it, but don't piss me off. It's a fine line. I want to open my mind but not blow it all to bits.

OK! There you have it! Now I am supposed to tag 5 writers. I tag:

Kimmy Pie

I also know it's a crazy time of year for everyone but Holly (see her blog) so I will understand if you deal a chimp to me.


Paul said...

Strange vernacular indeed. Deal a chimp??

The lion looks fully caffeinated too...

Please deal me a chimp. Or not. I'm really not sure which I'm more inclined to at the present time...

And perhaps the most important element of writing style: do not overuse ellipses.

kario said...

I can't imagine anyone daring to deal you a chimp, my dear. Honestly, that's just tempting fate!

holly said...

I'll try not to deal you a chimp. Thanks for the plug.

Michelle O'Neil said...

No one's gonna deal you a chimp Missy. Your head's not just a hat rack you know.

Kim said...

Wait, do I have a blog? I had forgotten.

But one thing I will never forget: I will never deal you a chimp Carrie Poo!

La La said...

You go, girl!

No chimp dealing from me!