Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Today is Christmas. I'm delighted to discover that this year I have a high number of friends not celebrating Christmas. This year I know a lot of people of different faiths, and that thrills me. None-the-less, today is Christmas, and to you, my friends of all faiths and non-faiths, I wish you a merry, merry day.

Thank you, each of you readers, lurkers, commentors, "real" friends and "virtual" friends, family and loved ones everywhere, for your presence in my life.

Love, love and more love. Period.


Paul said...

So how did "merry" ever get so restricted in its usage? It's either "eat, drink and be merry" or "Merry Christmas." Othewise, there's nary a merry. There's nary a nary! Scary...

You never hear:

"How are you feeling?"

"Merry. I'm feeling very merry."

Seems like being more merry regularly would be salutary. Why, as a culture, are we so wary and worried over this word?

Someone has to ask the big questions.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas -

Anonymous said...

Love to you too, Carrie.
Merry, Merry Christmas.

riversgrace said...

Merry Christmas, Carrie. From your recovered Catholic, still interested, embracing the ancient and perennial teachings, friend. Ho ho ho.

Love, Prem

Casdok said...

And a merry to you! Cas and C x

Jess said...

And a very Merry Christmas to you. And big big love. From your non-practicing Jew, half-assed Christmas celebrator friend.

Terry Whitaker said...

I just decided I love Paul!! There is just always a treat to be had on this blog. Meanwhile, Merry merry from one harried Santa to another.