Thursday, December 27, 2007


Sitting on my brother's sectional, we all watch "The Wizard of Oz" on TV. Sonam, my raised in India sister-in-law, has never seen the movie. Neither has my raised in the good ol' US of A son. We turn it on late, only 40 minutes to go until the end.

Woohoo, Michael and I try to explain the movie to Rojo and Sonam.

"The Lion wants courage."

"The Tin Man wants a heart."

"The Scarecrow wants a brain."

"Dorothy wants to go home."

Michael, Woohoo and I have each seen the show so many times we can recite the lines right along with the actors.

"Poppies, poppies, poppies will put them to sleep," we say in our best Wicked Witch of the West voices.

"See The Horse of a Different Color?" we coo. Get it?

They don't get it. Nowhere in Rojo's or Sonam's background is a cultural reference for that.

Nor is there any comprehension of needing a brain, heart or courage.

Let alone "going home." These two know that home is where the heart is. They are always home. Always.

A friend that reads my blog (my favorite kind) came over for coffee before Christmas. I have the most darling Christmas coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl and matching mugs. I don't entertain save for coffee, and I invent ways to use this during December.

We sit in my family room duly admiring the darling dishes.

My friend says, "You know where the yellow couch is, right? I don't have to say it, it's so obvious it's embarrassing."

"NO! Where?" I say, not having a clue where she's going with this.

"It's in your living room, Carrie. YOU have a yellow couch."

And while it's true I have a yellow couch, I have never realized I HAVE A YELLOW COUCH!

There's no place like home.


kario said...

I can't wait to come sit on your yellow couch! And see the dishes, even if I'll be a bit late for Christmas.


Terry Whitaker said...

Wow wow wow!!

Who, I must know, pointed you to this very obvious bit of wisdom!

riversgrace said...

How holographic! And about the psychedelic reference, isn't that just holographic, too?

Oh, god, I am, indeed, back in Berkeley!

Jess said...

Deeply profound, and yet so obvious! Of course.

Eileen said...

It all seems to have come full circle. It makes perfect sense, what a very wise friend you have.

Buffy said...

I want a yellow couch.