Monday, November 12, 2007

We (Rojo) are very interested (completely obsessed) with Boston College. We (I) don't know why we (Rojo) love BC Eagles so damn much but we (he) does.

He's "been" BC for weeks now, both football and basketball. He's the coach, band, refs, Boston College and the other team, too (always a college ending in the words, State University, so __SU). I am the scoreboard monitor and cheering section. While in my scoreboarding trance yesterday I noticed he has still not self-corrected two words he's been mispronouncing for years.

Offense = Odd Fence

Rebound = Re-butt

Then I realized the wisdom of what he was saying. To live life on the offense does indeed create an odd fence between you and the world around you. A rebound is nothing more than getting up off your butt and trying again.

Rojo strikes again.

Can't talk now - I've got a game needing a scorekeeper and cheering section.


Jerri said...

Not enough has been made of the art of getting up off your butt and trying again.

We (me) love the stories of your (all the Links) days.

Suzy said...

He's my Super Hero.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Ra! Ra! Ra!

Yay, Rojo!

Aaron said...

"Time out!" That boy is the super bowl of wisdom, the world series of genuineness, the world cup of love, the masters of peace, the indie 500 of joy, and the world champion of my heart.
"Play ball, Rojo!"

Deb said...

Goooooo, Carrie!

kario said...

Isn't it pronounced "Bah-stun"?

Give that boy a kiss for me, wouldja?

riversgrace said...

Love his wisdom. Rock on, Rojo.

Jenny said...

Very insightful.