Friday, November 16, 2007

"Through meditative techniques, one can free the mind of delusions and attain what we call enlightenment." H.H. the Dalai Lama

And since sleep is the best meditation, you can, theoretically, achieve enlighenment if you sleep enough! It's true, when you sleep you are not deluded, that's why our dreams can be so great or so scary - no delusions - the straight story. I'm telling you, People, you gotta write down your dreams! That's why the old expression, "Sleep on it," makes so much sense!

One more WOW (Word of Wisdom) from HH: "With love that is simply attachment, the slightest change in the object, such as a tiny change of attitude, immediately causes you to change. This is because your emotion is based on something very superficial. Take, for example, a new marriage. Often after a few weeks, months, or years the couple becomes enemies and finish up getting divorced. They married deeply in love - nobdoy marries with hatred - but after a short time everything changed. Why?"

Something to "sleep on!"


Jerri said...

That HH, man. He has got some WISDOM. And a great visor.

Eileen said...

This makes so much sense. You could not have posted this at a better time. Last night I had the strangest dream, that I actually wrote it down. It has meaning I am sure. I need to explore this on a more consistent basis. Thanks for the reminder. You seem like a mind reader at times.

Deb said...

So H.H. asks the question - Why? - that some of us have been asking since we were 2. Only his Why? sounds so profound. Hmmm.