Saturday, November 17, 2007


Sorry I couldn't post any sooner, I had to get Roger and Chuck out of my bedroom before I could move forward with my day. It's been awhile since I had this problem of men that would not leave my bedroom when I wanted them to.

First it was Roger. He came to the door at 9:30 AM and said the neighborhood was having a lot of disturbance and interference, and it was coming from our home. Roger would really appreciate it if he could come inside and take a look. My husband answered the door, and not knowing I had anything to hide, led him straight to me - how embarrassing. Then Roger called Chuck - Chuck? Could you come help me? We've got a real doozy on our hands! I've always been too much for one man to handle.

Even with both masterminds at work, the problem remained. Something in my bedroom was causing all the ruckus in the neighborhood, and everyone would appreciate it very much if it would stop.

Oh, boys, I would if I could, but I can't so I won't!

All this brings to mind another time or two I've been disruptive and interfering. I went to a big fund raiser last night and the subject of my blog came up (I may, or may not have been the one bringing up the subject). I got to hear which posts were favorites, which posts made people sad, or happy, or feel touched, and then "the" post came up. The one where I got on my high horse about infidelity and how we still stone women for that.

For some reason people didn't appreciate that. Somehow they got the idea that I was pro adultery. Well, for the record, I am not pro adultery, but I am anti-stoning. A woman shared with me that she had two brothers-in-law that weren't speaking because one had cheated on his wife and the other didn't approve. She said something I'll never forget, "I think if he'd shot and killed someone, everyone would still be talking."

I just find that fascinating that we, as a culture, tolerate murder over adultery. Adultery certainly can murder a marriage - no question about it. Would that be a nicer way to look at it? Death? It's the betrayal aspect that hangs us up, that and the fear that it is contagious. We don't want our marriages to "get it" and by condemning it, we are inoculating ourselves.

Well, Roger and Chuck got the problem in my bedroom fixed, and now the neighborhood is happy again. Too bad they found me a hopeless cause.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Hmmm...I never "got" that you were pro-adultery? Did I miss something?

Michelle O'Neil said...

And who the hell are Roger and Chuck and what did they find?

Eileen said...

Roger and Chuck should need to get the hell out of your bedroom, and your house for that matter. You never, ever gave the impression that you were pro-adultery. Not your fault if other people don't get it or your what you write on YOUR blog. It is about truth, your truth, no filters to please other people. Remember that my friend, no going back. I admire you so much for your courage to speak what you really think and feel.

Suzy said...

Yeh, who the hell are Roger and Chuck?

Jerri said...

Hmmm. So what was causing the interference in your bedroom?

Deb said...

I love this piece! Funny and profound all at the same time. I love that your static is driving your neighborhood wild and that they want it to stop. I hope you never do!

La La said...

So, what did the cable guys find? Do you have your own server or something that's interfering with the neighborhood's TV watching and computing? Or, did you guys "wire into" someone's else's service??? Hee Hee. Or, is it that you spend TOO much time "pissing a day away" on the computer, thus "tying up cyberspace," and the neighbors are getting their panties in a wad about it? (Is that even possible?) What exactly did Roger and Chuck find that you "can't so you won't"? I love the mystery. LOL!

Great writing! I love how you make such insightful and profound connections! Way cool!

Suzy said...

Comcast Cable- MY HEROES!!!!