Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Generational Healing Workshop
Friday, February 1, 2008
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Portland, Oregon
$115.00/person - lunch included

We all embody a rage inheritance-the unresolved rage of our parents and ancestors that we carry forth out of an unconscious loyalty to them. With the insights from African indigenous wisdom and Family Constellations methodology, we reveal unconscious entanglements with the fates of family ancestors. In this work, we create a "knowing field" as we stand in for each other and decode this unconscious legacy, and in so doing, we learn how to:

Let go of habitual pain patterns.
Release long-standing traumas.
Be present to and enjoy the moment.
Expand perceptions of right and wrong.
Balance life.
Develop satisfying relationships.
Rest well in body, mind and spirit.
Embody satisfying and healing legacies.

In this profoundly intimate and experiential work, we experience the beauty and complexity of unconditional love. We discover how seeing, being, and honoring our past frees us to be powerful and genuine in our present-day relationships, lives, and service.

Ruth King, MA, a respected voice on transforming rage, is president of Bridges, Branches & Braidsan organization working with negative emotions in positive ways. She is the author of Healing Rage, Women Making Inner Peace Possible (Penguin, 2007) and the audio CD Soothing the Inner Flames of RageMeditations that Educate the Heart & Transform the Mind (BBB, 2007). King weaves Eastern and Western psychology, leadership development, systems theory, shamanism, metaphysics, meditation, and teachings from wisdom traditions to lecture, coach, and facilitate retreats that transform the emotional body and mind. For more information, visit http://healingrage.com.

1:1 coaching sessions (1 hr. each) with Ruth available Thursday, January 31st 12 - 5 PM or Sunday, February 3rd, 8:00 AM - 12 noon.

To reserve your spot, e-mail Carrie Link at:

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