Sunday, October 21, 2007

Michelle O'Neil got me hooked on my damn StatCounter, and now I have a whole new way to piss the day away! OMG! Just today people in Portugal, Tel Aviv, Liverpool, Budapest,Tokyo, and British Columbia read me! Wow - my head is so big, it's just a really good thing my visor is adjustable! I am beside myself wondering what people from "over there" find interesting about my musings/rantings/brags/soapbox! Please, tell me! Leave a comment! Put me out of my misery.

Just to thank you for your trouble, I've got a special Top 10 List for you:

10. It gives me something to check other than my horoscope and the weather.
9. It reassures me that I'm not just writing this shit for my own amusement.
8. It shows me what I always suspected, we are all more alike than different.
7. The Internet truly is an international net!
6. Coffee makes the world go round.
5. I'm not the only one that spends way too much time at her computer.
4. When I go on book tour for my as-of-yet-unpublished-but-all-written-in-my-head-memoir, I'll get to meet my "fans."
3. It's fine that I've spent the day ignoring my husband and children because I've got an international audience that needs me!
2. I can make a much bigger deal than is necessary about anything and everything!
1. love. is universal.


Bossy Boots said...

Well, I for one, think you are just so DAMN FUNNY!! But, I don't count...I'm national and regional and actually, living within a few miles...the point is...I predict you will be getting very similiar comments from AROUND THE WORLD very soon, just go to, hit language preferances and translate away because I predict a multi-lingual assault, you'll be golden.

Saudi Girl said...

قرأت انك عادل حتى damm مضحكا! ! !

WeinerSnitz said...

Ich lese, weil Sie gerade so DAMM FUNNY! ! !

Noodlehead said...

나는 당신이 한 있도록하기 때문에 읽기 damm 재미있! ! !

Near Spain said...

Leio porque você está tão DAMM FUNNY! ! !

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought, there are ditto heads everywhere.

riversgrace said...

So funny. K, spill the beans. Must know the details of the stat counter. I just look at the blank globe and wonder where the hell that dot is from in India or Australia.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Work that Stat Counter Carrie!

I believe I've done my job.

* Prema, read Ask a Blogger if you want the goods.

La La said...

Too funny! I love bossy boots for her creative responses! All of them!

lo said...

Too Funny. I especially relate to numbers 4 and 3. I am a lurker:) Have been for awhile. I enjoy your writing and feel connected somehow. First with Jennifer and then with you-although we have yet to meet in the traditional sense. But i am working on that. Hoping to get to one of your weekends of amazement!

btw do you do yoga with your son?

Go Mama said...

Too funny Carrie!

Anonymous said...

Mars Martian said


Deb said...

You go, International Carrie!

Kim said...

I don't know which is funnier, the post or the comments!!

Suzy said...

I agree with Kim.

Mars Martian is pretty damn funny!!!