Saturday, October 27, 2007


10. Blogger found my last posting "objectionable" - seems they don't like the term, "sexual trauma."
9. I'm really sorry they don't like the term, "sexual trauma," good thing they are OK with PORN!
8. I'm not really OK with ACTUAL SEXUAL TRAUMA!
7. My last photo that had the help sign with a question mark? That linked people to the military when they tried to post a comment.
6. I find the link between "help" and "military" to be objectionable.
5. When I looked for a new "help" photo, I found a picture of coffee beans.
4. I do not find the link between "help" and "coffee" to be objectionable.
3. I followed the link between help and coffee and found scientific EVIDENCE, people, that caffeine consumption boosts executive brain function!
2. I have not had enough executive brain function enhancing beverage this morning to get right with Blogger's line of thinking.
1. I can't wait to see how many ways I've pissed them off now.


holly said...

I find the military to be objectionable.

I find you to be hilarious.

Michelle O'Neil said...

A lover's quarrel?

You and blogger have such a good thing going. I know you'll work it out. It is meant "to be."


Fergie said...

Bossy Boots said...

Who's funny???

La La said...

Too funny!

Blogger censors? Come on over to typepad and then you can distracted with blog design!

Jerri said...

Perhaps you could find a way to send Blogger a nice big cuppa. Just to enhance it's exective brain function, of course.

Anonymous said...

I wish you were joking Carrie. They found it to be objectionable?? So sad, so frustrating. I can just guess who the panel of blogger censors are made up of.

Deb said...

I didn't realize Blogger paid any attention to us. Maybe we should see how many different ways we can push their buttons.

I love how coffee turns out to be the answer to almost anything!

kario said...

Okay, so the first thing I had to do was go to the new 'help' photo and see if it led me anywhere.

Then I had to pour myself a cup of tea (too late for coffee, I'm afraid) and shake my head. Amazing how many disgusting blogs I have come across that are merely fronts for porn and they find yours objectionable.

It's a good thing you've got a sense of humor.

Jess said...

Love Holly's comment. Yes.

You know, I basically live my life fine without coffee, and I come here and read your blog and I leave feeling like everything would be better if I brewed up a nice big pot. This can not be good for my health!
But reading you is, so it balances out.

riversgrace said...

Ok, I had to leave the first time so I could refrain from choice expletives about blogger. A-- W----.

Rebel! Prayer flags and healing for sexual trauma. Who do you think you are!!!