Friday, October 12, 2007


1) If the house were on fire I would take my computer and e-mail and blog while it burned to the ground.

2) I only know what I'm thinking after I read it on the screen.

3) I am way funnier in person than I am in my writing, and I'm pretty hilarious in my writing.

4) I spend all my good writing energy on my blog then find excuses all day why I can't possibly write my "real" stuff.

5) I don't know WTF a MEME is, but Michelle O'Neil tagged me, and I'm afraid of Michelle O'Neil, not to mention HT, that's one scary ass dude!

OK, I tag Deb, La La, Ziji, Kim, and Lee.


Jerri said...

You ARE pretty hilarious in your writing and funnier in person!

LOVE the photo. The path between the computers is fabulous.

The html for the cool line through the writing thing is < s > < / s > (except close up the spaces).

kario said...

Yup, you are one laugh riot, girl!
And I totally agree with you about saving the computer if the house was on fire. Oh, I'd take the dog, too. But probably the part I identify with the most is #4 - let's make a pact to force each other to abandon the excuses, okay?


HT said...

I only bite if instructed too, and even then, just gently.

Suzy said...


riversgrace said...

Love the photo, too. Nice scary guy's appearance is worth the whole thing! Double funny.

Nancy said...

Add photos and maybe the kids to the fire thing and you're all set!

ORION said...

The computer comes before both cats AND the husband.

Kim said...

Okay, the photo is awesome, the post (as always) is hilarious and briliant, but nothing compares to the fact that you got a comment from HT. I bow down.

And now I have to go write a MEME, whatever the F that is.

Love. to you and to everyone!

Terry Whitaker said...

Here Here to number 3!

holly said...

The hilarious goes without saying. You rule funny!

HTs cameo here is worth the entire post.

Picture is fabulous.

and, yes, WTF is a MEME?