Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just finished reading Michelle's posting about shopping with her darling seven-year-old. If you've been following Riley's journey, you'll know what a big deal the shopping experience was, and I am THRILLED for Michelle. I'm also human, however, and need to compare her shopping trip yesterday with mine. I took my 13-year-old and her friend shopping. Here's a Top 10 List just about that:


10. Whether or not her cell phone was on or off.
9. Whether or not her i-Pod was actually broken, or just had not been charged.
8. If the parking space had a limit of 4 hours, why did I consider that "ample" and she felt "rushed."
7. If ANOTHER jacket was more important than the jeans we were there to shop for.
6. If "not leaving your friend's side for a minute" really meant "not leaving your friend's side for a minute."
5. Which stairs we came down from the parking garage.
4. Which way American Eagle was when we got in the mall.
3. Why I said yes to buying one drink, but no to buying two (at the exact same time).
2. Why I agreed to rent them a movie for the night, but didn't agree to rent four.
1. Why it was time to leave the mall, even though we hadn't been there four hours, and our parking space still had more time.


kario said...

I hope you said 'yes' to a glass of wine when you got home! At least you can be proud that your daughter argues for what she believes in, even if it does feel pointless and annoying. Hopefully it will help her practice for the bigger things later on? That's what I'm telling myself, anyway. Not looking forward to those teenage daughter shopping trips, myself...

Michelle O'Neil said...

You could have avoided all of this if you just, never once, said "No."

Deb said...

Why was it you went shopping again?

Suzy said...

Well, pretty soon you can buy her a car and give her a credit card and she can do these things herself, right?

See, my theory with kids, and of course I have none, is to buy them what they want to keep them happy?

Think I should adopt?

Love you

Anonymous said...

She can go shopping with me anytime...........i shop all the time but only two places......she better learn to cook and ride
love that girl.
she needs an overnight

Ziji Wangmo said...

Did you get what you were looking for? Was it hip stylish and cool? The whole thing sounds exhausting!
I'm with Kario - I hope you said "yes" to some chardonnay when you got home.

La La said...

That's a VERY big mall! Seems like you could have easily spent 4 hours there! Hee Hee! I love your lists!

Jenny said...

#5 - the story of my life when I shop, or park just about anywhere!