Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Had the weirdest dream. I was helping a bride find a wedding dress. We went into a secret back room and were looking at all the short, form fitting, glittery cocktail dresses. They were all perfect for "her" even though I couldn't see her in the dream. Then she said, "but there aren't any so you can match!" I tried to explain that the maid-of-honor didn't match the bride, she matched the other bridesmaids, but the bride wanted us to match.

Doing what Ruth King taught us to do, apply precept language to the dream, it sounds like this:

Then she (part of me) said, "but there aren't any (part of me) so you can match (part of me).

What part of me wants to match up and can't?

Also dreamed I was being led by a man with a gun, he kept shooting the gun, but there weren't any bullets. I stopped being afraid after the first false attempt, but he kept trying to "shoot" me.

I was being led (part of me) by a man (part of me) with a gun (part of me) but there weren't any bullets (part of me). I stopped (part of me) being afraid (part of me) after (part of me) the first (part of me) false (part of me) attempt (part of me), but he (part of me) kept trying (part of me) to shoot (part of me).

So, now there's a part of me with a gun that shoots blanks and I'm not afraid? There's a false part of me that still tries to attack me?

OMG, this stuff really works. I'm sleeping with one eye open tonight, that's enough for awhile.


Bossy Boots said...

Carrie, you are doing the hardest work there is...your dreams are all of our dreams...interconnectedness...the teaching part of me sees a teaching moment part of me for the you part of me to include part of me in this post part of me for those parts of me who part of me are learning parts of me dream parts of me interpretation part of me...could the you part of me included part of me some additional teaching parts of me in your parts of me posting parts of me?

kario said...

I think I'm even more happy that I don't usually remember my dreams.