Sunday, April 29, 2007


1. If you're going to wear a visor, make sure it matches your robes
2. Even enlightened beings need something to deal with the glare of the spotlight
3. Life is harder to take so seriously while wearing a visor
4. When you make a mistake, giggle, wear a visor, and say, "Oh! Sorry! I make mistake!"
5. When sitting cross legged all day, you're gonna want to sway back and forth gently to keep your butt from going numb
6. All world religions/traditions teach love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, peace of mind
7. There must be mutual respect, therefore, for different religions, which are fundamentally the same
8. The Buddha (literally, the awakened one) himself taught different people differently, depending on their dispositions
9. Ignorance underlies all afflictions
10. Ignorance is not an UN-knowing, but a MIS-knowing


Suzy said...

One of the best top 10 lists you've ever made.


So happy for you!

riversgrace said...

Oh my god, I am in stitches! So dang funny and true. Laughing....

Michelle O'Neil said...

Awesome Carrie.

I'm on my way to pick up my visor now.

Terry Whitaker said...

Brilliant. Utterly brilliant.

Kim said...

This is the best top 10 list EVER!

I think HH would ADORE this. How can a person be so hilarious and so wise in the same breath?

Ditto Terry--brilliant!

holly said...

you are SO funny!

jennifer said...

#11...everything is emptiness and the emptiness of emptiness is everything. Got that???

Let's try it in Tibetan:

#11...萬事空虛和空虛空虛就是一切. 不錯? ? ?

Actually this is Chinese...but...who's all emptiness...form is useless to us now.

Jenny Rough said...

Maybe he secretly loves to play tennis.

grammer said...

His giggle grounds me somehow.
Way to go on this list. The visor is perfect!

kario said...

Love the matching visor, but I'm so worried about the top of his bald head in the sunshine. Please tell me he's wearing sunscreen!

I can tell you really enjoyed yourself. So happy about that!

Love you!

graceonline said...

HH definitely teaches the value of mirth--and of taking care of practical matters right now. You are my latest discovery, thanks to Michelle O'Neil's Full Soul Ahead, and I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Kim Stagliano said...

Wow. My grandma would have added, don't sit on cold concrete or you'll get piles. That is a good list - found you through Michelle.