Wednesday, April 18, 2007



Rojo: Mom! You are not following directions! I said WAFFLES! Not THAT syrup, the OTHER syrup! Not THAT fork, the OTHER kind of fork!

Me: You're SOOOOOOO bossy! What makes you think YOU get to be the boss?

Rojo: DUH! It says so on my UNIFORM (done in the voice of Josh from "Drake and Josh" TV show)!


I go to my desk and see that Rojo has defied the rule to NOT TOUCH MY DESK PERIOD! Pens without caps, long strips of staples separated and everywhere, tape unrolled and stuck to important papers, Sharpie writing on notes that I can no longer read, I'm about to fume, when out of the corner of my eye I find a Post-It note. It's my "stickies" that say, "I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea... and still I want to smack someone." On there he has written in his scrawl, "ROJO AND MOM."

Drat, foiled again!


kario said...

You just have to laugh, my dear. Don't you hate it when they make you do that despite yourself? My youngest told my husband one day that he "didn't DESERVE to be a boss in this house".

Love that post-it - I have it, too, and the one that says: I've childproofed my house--but somehow they still manage to find a way inside.

Perhaps you need to set up some booby traps for Rojo in your office...just a thought.

Ziji Wangmo said...

Perhaps a lock on the door?
There's something about "Mama's Things" like all of our things are one giant magnet that attracts sticky fingers and nosey adolescents. When you figure out how to keep them away, pleae let me know.
Love that little love note he left you -that boy has survival skills!

Kim said...

MAN is that boy adorable! I love him at 2:30 PM EST.

Plus, that is the best post-it I have ever heard of. I must find them immediately!

Suzy said...

This boy is a fucking genius. I LOVE HIM!!!!

Doesn't he just make you laugh all the time?

Michelle O'Neil said...

Must be "boys squeaking out of trouble" day?

Good thing they're cute.


Loving Rojo at 6:43PM eastern.

Sue said...

Don't you hate it when they get you like that?!

It's like when you're completely and utterly at the end of your rope and you hear, "Mom?" and answer (with considerable impatience): "WHAT?!"
and then you hear the answer: "I love you!"


Deb said...

Boy, does this kid have the keys! Thanks for sharing and for making me laugh.

Jerri said...

I love ROJO and YOU at 8:08 CST.

Terry Whitaker said...

Can't even comment. He's too good for words.