Tuesday, April 24, 2007


1. Let him "shuffle".

2. Let him "deal".

3. Let him divide the "go fish" pile into as many piles as he wants - do not be concerned that they will be confused with his "books", which will also be turned face down and eerily resemble the go fish piles.

4. Pretend not to see him cheat. Pretend he is not planning what he is going to ask for, depending on what is next in the go fish pile of his choice.

5. Never get a book of Aces or Tens. Those are always his books. Always.

6. Never win. You can get up to five books, but that is all. Better if he gets all 13.

7. Everytime you ask him for a card, accept that he will say, "NO! GO FISH!" even when you know he's lying.

8. Everytime you tell him to "go fish" accept that he will say, "got one!" even though he is lying.

9. Everytime he draws a card, plug your ears, because he is going to shout, "GOTTA BOOK!"

10. Play Go Fish before meds kick in, pre-dawn, pre-caffeinated, and try not to kill him.

11. Play Go Fish after meds wear off, pre-brewski, and try not to kill him.

12. Always say, "Yes! I want to play Go Fish!" because if you don't, he'll hunt you down like a dog and not relent until you do. The sooner you say "yes", the sooner he'll cheat, win, and put you out of your misery.


Jenny Rough said...

And then the sooner you can get a coffee (or a brewski).

Very funny Carrie. I love how you see the humor in these situations.

Kim said...

The two of you are obviously cut from the same cloth: totally adorable and hilarious.

Now, go cut up some lime and pop open that Corona!

Suzy said...

HEY!!! That's exactly how I play.

Rojo and I read the same book on card game rules.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Loving you Carrie at 8:08AM eastern. Pre-coffee.

Go fish!

Anonymous said...

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.....surprised you haven't killed...yourself

kario said...

Don't take him to Las Vegas, okay? I'm not sure you have enough money to bail him out.

Deb said...

So funny and poignant at the same time. I wonder what this boy would do with Monopoly!

Eileen said...

I remember very similar days of Go Fish with my oldest daughter Mel,she is 15 now, but your post brought it all back. She was in total control, her rules, made perfect sense to her. Now I have to play Candyland at work, with kids, similar rules.

holly said...

Gotta love a boy who makes and plays by his own rules.

Hope you have that coffee maker timed to have a pot already brewed when you get up every morning.