Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Got a really interesting question posted on my blog today...

Anonymous said...

"This is amazing but not surprising. I truly believe that the world needs to hear your voice via the yellow couch as a perfect medium. But what will be your message...? because some will want to limit or eliminate these babies, children, teens, adults...and aren't we enriched by the likes of Rojo???"

Indeed. No question the world is better with more Rojos in it. Rojo is a HAPPY, JOYFUL, PAIN-FREE child. We need much more of these. I wouldn't wish the suffering of so many autistics on anyone. Anyone. I don't want to eliminate "special" children at all, but suffering, I'm all for eliminating that.

Like some of the parents on the Oprah interview, what I wish for is more compassion. That is the single biggest gift Rojo has given me, profound compassion. Loss of judgment. Much more patience. Much more "letting go". Although one of the Noble Truths is "There is suffering," I still strive to bring the antidote to suffering. These kids hold the secret to the antidote. They are here to teach all of us, if we'll learn, that truly, love, peace and compassion are all that matter. Nothing else. Nothing at all.


Kim said...

That is beautiful--both what you've learned and how you've put it.

I REALLY want to spend some time with this joyful boy!

Michelle O'Neil said...

If only all autistic children could be like Rojo. Happy, joyful, pain free.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

They definatley enrich our lives, but oh what they go through in the process.

Eliminate babies, children, teens, adults? No way.

Eliminate the poisoning of babies, children, teens, adults.

You bet.

Anonymous said...

One of the best things one of my daughter's 2nd grade teacher said to me is she loves teaching children who "are different or don't fit the mold" because she learns more about herself from these wonderful children. They teach her what she needs to learn. I have never again had a teacher say that or admitt that and she kept stressing to Melanie how she should be "Happy just being Melanie." Everyone else wanted her to conform or wanted me to change my parenting skills or of looked down or kept their distance...even people I thought were friends and yes even relatives. It was so painful and lonely for her....It was a message she remembers to this day, even now in 10th grade. Rojo Rules and so do you and all you are trying to do for children who often don't have a voice.

Deb said...

I so appreciate how you stand firm on love, no matter what. I am learning much from your compassion and wisdom. Thank you for this message.

riversgrace said...

Carrie, these last few posts about your journey and your experience strike me as a book. A really great and needed book.

kario said...

Sounds like a winner of a message to me! I'm behind you all the way.