Friday, April 20, 2007


Dreamed last night I was in high school, trying to remember my locker combination (I've got Dyscalculia, remember!) and suddenly there was a stranger trying to open his adjacent locker. He asked, "Do you always wear gowns to school?"

I looked down and noticed indeed, I was quite dressed up, which is really funny considering as I write this I am on day 2 of the same clothes, no shower, slept in these even, and am seriously considering finding the right hat to pull the whole outfit off again today!

I did put a lot of time and effort into what I wore and how I looked in high school. Funny. I've never been thinner, less grey, less wrinkled, less saggy, and yet I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to be beautiful! Now? Ummmm... again, just need the right hat and I'm good!

Beauty in high school is skin deep. Now I finally believe the old addage, "Pretty is as pretty does." The humans and muppets I consider beautiful now, are the ones that I admire, respect and seek to emulate. Botox? Hair color? Liposuction? I say if they make you feel better about yourself, then go for it, if you don't feel good about yourself, you're no good to others. But, that's the key, I think, do it for YOURSELF.

The dream ended with that stranger coming over to my house where I promptly put on an old flannel nightgown and said, "So? Still think I'm all that?" He didn't. I didn't care. I've made a lot of progress, at least when I'm asleep!


Jenny Rough said...

This is a great post, I love it! Making progress in your dreams...that huge. :-)

riversgrace said...

And Carrie, wow, what a great gift to your daughter. The message that your mere presence gives is that beauty is innate, something to bring out rather than manufacture. If we spend our time on anything, let it be about uncovering what's been given and sharing it generously.

Hats are good. Really good.

Anonymous said...

Are you ready to quit coloring your hair? i's a new movement in case you haven't heard.....there is a hunger in our country for authenticity.....true beauty is authentic.

Terry Whitaker said...

I love it. Not sure I can give up the hair yet--but I have decided I'll give that to myself on my 50th birthday. Let's do it together.

Kim said...

Fantastic dream and post--and Carrie, you are gorgeous both inside and out!

I am so with you on the hat. For me it's lipstick--it's almost as good as a shower, and makes my crazy hair look like it's on purpose!

However, I have no plans to stop coloring this crazy hair. Nothing against authenticity, but I have been going gray since college and this is my thing. I do it for ME.

Jerri said...

All progress is beautiful. So is this post (and its author).

Deb said...

I loved the gallery of beauty and the words of beauty. If your picture had been here, it would have been even better.

As a former colorer, I can tell you that it's very freeing to not be tied to those roots!

holly said...

Love it! Making progress in your dreams comes on all the edges of wide awake progress.

And Hats, good one. Godd thing about crazy curly hair - nobody notices how many days its been from shower to shower.

Sue said...

Love the dream. My high school dreams are usually that I've just remembered that there is a class I signed up for and forgot about, never went to, and now I'm in huge trouble because it's time for midterms. It's usually a math class. Analyze that.

Isn't it funny to look back at those high school pictures and remember how much time it took to get ready for school? What a complete waste of time. I don't know about you, but because you're the same age as I am, but in addition, I had the whole Farah hair thing to create each morning. (Although you are probably too sensible to have succumbed to that trend.) It took about a full hour. I dropped the hairstyle by my junior year of high school, but unfortunately, proof remains in the photos that survive.

I think it was -- for most of us -- insecurity. Not knowing who we were. Wanting to attain some level of looking as perfect as we could so that no one could judge or criticize our appearance, because when we were that age, that was so important. A defensive move.

I'm glad we know ourselves now and suffer less from those insecurities. But they still creep up, don't they?

As far as aging goes, my favorite people have wrinkles from laughing, scars that have interesting stories, and are comfortable with themselves as they are. But I agree -- you should do what makes you feel good. And that's why I'm NOT going to stop bleaching my hair ... at least not yet.

Luckily, we've changed!! I'm glad to know that I am not the only person this week who wore the same outfit AND slept in it for two days. What would they have said back in 1980 if we'd shown up to school like that? And isn't it great that if we could go back now, we wouldn't even care.


jennifer said...

Love this post...thank goodness I don't have to doll up for you was wearing me out!

Michelle O'Neil said...

You're beautiful at 7:44AM Eastern and all the time.

Suzy said...

Beauty- you are all that and more!

Love you,

kario said...

YOU ROCK, Miss Know-It-All. Love you!

Ziji Wangmo said...

So glad I don't have to wake up early and shower and curl my hair, makeup, just the right outfit... probably all for some dud guy, certainly not for myself...high school was a killer!
Luv u, and luv the blonde you, too!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your dream and this post. I can tell you are a beautiul person inside and out, it comes through (right off my computer screen). I will have to try to hat for day 2, what a good idea for a new twist. XOXO