Thursday, April 05, 2007


1. Gorgeous weather
2. Long walk with great friend in gorgeous weather. Solved all the world's problems.
3. Planted flowers in the gorgeous weather, now planters look gorgeous
4. Lady that rear-ended us called to see how we're all doing, and thank us for being so nice to her
5. Oprah did a show on Autism and now the world will re-calibrate accordingly. 1 in 87 boys has Autism. Not enough can be made of this.
6. I listened to beautiful music and filled all the plastic Easter eggs today instead of what I was "supposed to do"
7. I took an hour and a half nap instead of doing what I was "supposed to do" today
8. My husband had a business meeting that went really well today, "when" he gets this project, lots of exciting things will happen for him and for us
9. I tried to park at the grocery store but a wayward cart was in the way and a stranger dropped their groceries to move it for me.
10. I'm really liking the word "gorgeous" - it makes me happy.


Jenny Rough said...

What a happy day!

Kim said...

Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous post, gorgeous you!

I love every single detail. I feel so lucky to know you Links--you make people happy!

Suzy said...

11. You are gorgeous!

Love you,

Michelle O'Neil said...

THANK YOU for solving all the world's problems. That's a load off. Now I don't have a thing to do!

How much love must you be putting out into the world to have the person who smacked up your car call you? THAT IS AWESOME!

It sounds like your day was as gorgeous as you.

As within so without, right?

Terry Whitaker said...

Wow! Perfect day. Miss you all--love to all at 11:14ETA.

Ziji Wangmo said...

"We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are", didn't I read that somewhere recently??

My father, who has lived his entire life in North Carolina, always uses the word gorgeous to describe a beautiful blue-sky day. But it takes hime about 5 seconds to say the word - something like -
"The weatha today is simply GAW-JUS!"

Jerri said...

I'm with Suzy and Zigi--you are GAW - JUS.

My word yesterday was "rich." Beautiful blue sky day, had a pedicure with a friend at my salon, listened to Jess's music in Paula with the top down (Paula's, not mine) and was headed to an evening reading by Anne Lamott, accompanied by family and friends.

With no more (and no less) money that usual, I felt rich, abundant, flush with all that truly matters.

It was gaw-jus.

Jess said...

Yeah, you must be doing something right to manifest such a positive outcome to your "incident".

It was a lovely day, and it is again. Especially now that all the world's problems are solved. :)

Prema said...

It's infectious, too. Suddenly the clouds here are gorgeous, and I think I'll go get some flowers instead of pack! Thanks...

Day said...

I love the flowers.

My brother has autism and my parents are stuck not knowing what to do w/ him. More information and acknowledgement from Oprah can only help.

kario said...

Sounds like you got just the kind of day you deserve, my dear! I'm inspired, thanks.