Tuesday, August 28, 2007


10. You "meet" people you'd never meet otherwise.

9. You realize how similar we all are.

8. You find out who you THOUGHT would read your blog and who actually DOES read your blog is the opposite.

7. You'll find out what all your neighbors are really thinking about you - this is both delightful and slightly disturbing.

6. You'll learn a lot about yourself.

5. You'll establish a writing practice.

4. It's fun to hear your friends preface every conversation with, "You better not blog about this!"

3. It's fun to shake things up.

2. It's fun to feel "heard."

1. It's fun to say, "I blog!"


Anonymous said...

Carrie, I am incredibly interested in how you heard about blogging in the first place. Who was your first blog experience with and what got you started. Probably one of your amazing friends that you are saving to tell us all about at a much later date.

Michelle O'Neil said...

It's been far too long since you posted a list!

I LIVE for your lists.

and I LOVE your blog.

AAH said...

I'm equally interested in your early days as a blogger and a poster of blogs...inform us and...I have to say, I've been keeping up on your work and you are showing a TON of personal growth and your writing is improving as well. I like to keep checking in and see how much progress you made.

Did I mention that my work is as a nurse?

Kim said...

Ditto Michelle. I ADORE your blog.


Anonymous said...

Love your list Carrie! Your blog is always the first one I check when I log on. If I had a top ten list about blogging number 1 would be getting to know you.

Anonymous said...

me thinks #3 is your favorite

Anonymous said...

what the hell? has your blog become so popular that now google is running ads on it? are you saving up for plastic surgery or a vacation in Europe or something??

Jenny Rough said...

This is a great post. So true! Love the insomniac one too :-)

SusieJ said...

I stumbled here from Jenny Rough, and yes, you do have a great blog. I love the cartoon.

Julie in Virginia said...

I love that list! So true! Especially the amazing way that we find others who share our passions. I too am passionate about Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Have you seen that she is now blogging at Themoderatevoice.com?

Deb said...

I noticed how many times the word fun made it on your list. Hallelujah and amen sister!

La La said...

I just started blogging this week, and number 8 is SO TRUE. And, I'm already starting to experience number 4, but I started it because of my desire for #5. Good to meet you!