Thursday, August 30, 2007


10. You get all those extra hours in the day you've always wished for.

9. You have a chance to finally stare out the window and do nothing.

8. All those boxes of half eaten cereal in the cupboard? Gone!

7. Excellent way to decrease your productivity and pleasantness during the day!

6. From pacing the floors you've been able to identify which boards are the squeekiest, just in case anyone ever asks.

5. Extra time to enjoy all the night time sounds and smells your family makes!

4. Time to e-mail all your insomniac friends, and get an instant reply!

3. Hour after hour to obsess without interruption nor distraction!

2. Good opportunity to fantasize about all the nap opportunities lacking "tomorrow" which is now "today."

1. Doubles the effects of the aging process, in 1/2 the time!


Nancy said...

And might I add...great opportunity to catch up on favorite blog sites? So up at 3:17 am (Eastern Standard Time) tossing lists and letters and posts in my head for one hour, I get up at 4:15 to make a pot of coffee- (part of the problem perhaps?) and at 5:30 start reading Fully Caffinated who is Pacific time(2:30am) and has already posted today!

Thanks for the list... I feel better about my problem!

Jerri said...

Breathe, darling girl, breathe.

Let the hamster off the wheel and count breaths like sheep.

May rest find you.

Kathryn Johansen said...

As one who was up between 2 and 5:30 AM, I feel your pain. I feel like I was shot out of a cannon today!

riversgrace said...

When you wake wake up! I think of you as fully awake instead of 'not' asleep.

Kim said...

HEAR HEAR! LOVING the Top Ten Lists! No one does 'em like you Carrie Poo!

I can relate to this post a little TOO much at the moment, but love it all the same. I'm also going to read Jerri's comment about 10 times and pretend she's talking to me too.

The latest rec. I have gotten is from my sister, who couldn't say enough about Advil PM. Super gentle and super effective. But only if you DON'T feel like identifying the floor squeaks!

fiN' said...

...11...the best time to be in the lower vibrations of the planet so you can receive the higher ones from above. time to be with the one you love the most and who needs you the most right now...YOU!

And, I remember those nights well. They were a passage to myself. They were the pathway without explanation. And, they passed and when they did, I slept like a baby (finally).

P.S. excellect on the body with the description of walking the floorboards...

Jess said...

I like it when you're up late. See #4.

Have you tried Valerian? Writing usually helps me best though.

You'll be fine, it'll pass... For now send me lots of late night emails. :)

holly said...

4. Are you out there now?

and can i add -

some of the best stories are the ones you can only tell yourself in the middle of the night.

peace and sleep to you. to us all.

holly said...

one more: if you stay awake long enough you hallucinate.

holly said...

AND, 2:22 is such a beautifully symetric number.

La La said...

I love this post. So true. So true. I can't sleep, either, and I eat CEREAL during the wee hours of the morning. Well, that and spoons full of peanut butter!

Suzy said...

I try and wake the dogs up and have them play with me. Doesn't work though. Lazy bastards.