Friday, August 24, 2007


MY "X":

June 20th:

"Mom. I have no clothes for school. We need to go Back-to-School shopping."

June 21 - August 23:

"Mom, I know we've gone school shopping a bunch of times. But can we go today? I babysat five minutes ago and I want to go to the mall. Please Mom? Can you take me shopping?"

While shopping:

"Mom, do you like this?"

"Does this color look good on me?"

"Do you think this matches?"

"Do you think this will look too much like everyone else? I want to be an individual"

"Mom, I only have $30 and this is $35. Will you lend me $5.00 and I promise to babysit Rojo when we get home?"

"Mom, you'll buy all my essentials and I will buy the extras, right? Accessories are essential, Mom!"

"This IS a jacket, Mom! You'll buy this because it's really a jacket, right? I know it has short, capped sleeves, but it has a HOOD, so it's like a jacket!"

"Mom, when you're done getting your coffee can we keep shopping?"

"I don't really see anything I like at this mall. Can we go to a different mall?

"Mom, what are we doing tomorrow? Can we go shopping?"

We finally leave the mall, 4 hours later with three things.

MY "Y":

"Rojo, school starts in 12 days and you have NO clothes that fit you. We need to go school shopping."

"Mom! Who cares?"

"Mom! It doesn't matter!"

"Mom, can't you just go without me?"

When finally at the ONE store I can talk him into, Target, because they have candy, not just clothes:

"Rojo? Do you like these?"


"Do you want blue or black?"

"Mom, who cares? Can we go look at candy now?"

"Come here and let me see if they're long enough for you."

"Mom! They're FINE! Can we go look at candy now?"

"Let me see if your shoes are too small, come here, let's measure your foot."

"Mom! My shoes are FINE! Can we go look at candy now?"

"Rojo, your shoes are NOT fine, they are size 2 and your foot measures 4 1/2! Oh my God! Are your toes curled up in those shoes? You poor thing!"

"Mom! My toes are FINE! Can we go look at candy now?"

We're in and out of Target in 10 minutes and have completely re-outfitted him.


Jenny Rough said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Thanks for making me laugh, Carrie. This is so funny!

Terry Whitaker said...

My X--Mom, where are we going on vacation? I don't care about the beach, but I care about the house. the house should have at least 4 bedrooms. We might need one extra. Oh, and if it's more than two years old, it's going to be ugly so let's get a new house. Oh, mom, I found a house down the beach on the internet. It's gorgeous. That's where I want to go. "But it's 3200/week, X" That's not in our vacation budget. Oh, but now I'm going to be disappointed no matter where we go.

Hey, Y, do you want to look at these beaches to give a vote on which one? "No thanks, Mom. I'm sure they're all great. As long as we're at the beach, what does it matter? Just make sure they have a TV.

Samara Leigh said...

That is hilarious. However, just my luck that I live with two Y's who act more like X's than I do.

They spend more time buffing and cleaning their shoes. Their shoes have to match their outfits. They do several outfit changes per day.

Apparently they never got the memo.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Ya gotta love both the X and the Y though.

Mine are more like: X timid, scared of her own shadow, hiding behind me.

The Y bashing into me with his whole body head first, like a ram.

Yin & Yang

Anonymous said...

Carrie, this was so funny!! I love it. Wish I had a y to shop with. Try X, X and X. Total nightmare and endless hours at the mall!!

Deb said...

I'm wondering which is more exhausting. Or more fun. I'll bet quail and deer don't shop for back to school! Thanks for making me grateful for no shopping at all.

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

The boys save us so much $ don't they!