Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random Thoughts:

1) Someone commented Monday on my last name, Link, how that suited me
2) Just got an e-mail from another someone saying my first name, Carrie, Care-ie, suited me
3) "Out of the Blue" - blue is Mary's color, May is Mary's month, I'm going to a Women's Day of Recollection today on Mary: Her role in our lives today, something big with Mary is going on, she's friggin' everywhere
4) I'm "getting all religious" on you, but not really, just all spiritual, big difference
5) I'm under caffeinated, more later...


Anonymous said...

Okay, on my way to work today I saw a liecense plate that (J DYD4U), of course, I determined that it was on a RED (as in red state) car, a new Saab. You would never find that on a old beater Volvo. I"ve got big issues with the church's projected view on Mary, too much emphasis on "virgin" and saying "yes".
Don't go gettting all religious or you'll loose valuable readers.

Carrie Wilson Link said...


I appreciate your valuable feedback. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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