Sunday, May 07, 2006

1. Don't take the kids
2. Don't take your huge pile of pictures of the kids, thinking this is finally your chance to sort and put them into albums
3. Don't take your videos of the kids thinking this is finally your time to convert them to DVDs
4. Don't take journals in which to chronicle your children's lives, thinking this is finally your time to tell all about their years on earth
5. Don't take your address book and calendar, planning to make the dentist, doctor, eye doctor and orthodontist appointments they need, now that you finally have time to make those appointments
6. Do not take all the school newsletters you think you now have time to read
7. Do not take their large accumulation of artwork and school work, to note and date before creating some sort of filing system for all their years on earth
8. Do not take all those non-fiction books about raising special children that you should be reading
9. Do not take a stack of stamps and a bunch of thank you notes thinking you'll finally get all those off your guilt list
10. Do not take a bra, hair dryer or make-up
11. Do take that great book you've been saving, the one you know will be great
12. Do take lots of good coffee, chocolate and popcorn
13. Do take your comfiest jammies and sweats
14. Do take a book of Sudoku or crossword puzzles
15. Do take a candle that smells great
16. Do take your favorite CDs, especially the ones that your spouse and/or kids hate
17. Do take your VISA card, you never know
18. Do take your time to sleep, breath, relax, you'll be back at it in no time


Delicate said...

Should I actually ever get away...I will certainly reference your list!

Anonymous said...

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