Monday, February 23, 2009


This weekend I dreamed of sewing. I had yards and yards of fabric and was just going to town on it. Don't know what I was sewing, but I was having a heyday.

And while I was sewing, I was aware I was dreaming, and I was coming up with profound psychic insight after profound psychic insight.

Of course it's all gone, poof, now. Something about when you sew a little, you're supposed to go backwards, then forwards again. I don't know, is that for button holes? Hems? Finish work? I don't even remember from real life sewing lessons, or the dream sequence, I just know it was really important both in terms of the fabric, and in terms of life's metaphors.

Next dream I was digging to the bottom of my purse and giving my mother all my old and cancelled credit cards.

Go big with that one.

Next dream I was at our family-owned property, WUG, and everything about it was wrong. The water wasn't where it was supposed to be, houses were built right along the property line, and PEOPLE were all over it. Random people, trespassers! I stood like a lone wolf on the property and shouted, "THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY, YOU ARE TRESPASSING."

And nobody would listen to me.

Again, go big.

When someone asks me, "How was your weekend?" I can honestly say, "Hectic."


Cathy said...

does sound hectic! great you can remember your dreams and get insight into them.

Anonymous said...

Sewing: It is important to go forward, backward, and forward again at the beginning and end of any seam that you do not want to come apart.

Metaphor: It is equally important to have a solid/defined foundation (start) and roof (end) for all projects which important to you.


Michelle O'Neil said...


Great line. I'll have to remember to use it sometime.

Michelle O'Neil said...

P.S. I totally can't picture you at sewing lessons.

Amber said...

LOL! It's this new season of Pisces! It brings in all the "telling" dreams. I have had some doozies, too, the last couple of nights.

kario said...

Hmm, I'm going to need to sit with this one for a while.

Thank God for your dreams, my dear!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

That is so neat that you remember your dreams. I go through phases where I either remember them or I don't. Right now I'm not remembering them and I wish I could. Hope your next dreams are more restful!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Reinforcing seams and work already done, taking care of debt and putting finances into important hands/things; listening to inner Self's warnings about people who cross boundaries? Two dreams about protecting objects/territory, one about finances. Hmm.

Wanda said...

1) You have more than enough material to work with. Stitching back and forth at the beginning and end is the machine equivalent of tying a knot--so the stitching doesn't come undone. Tying up loose ends, as it were.

2) Old and cancelled credit cards? No more credit. All used up. No renewals. Maybe no more keeping score?

3) Family owned-property? I don't know if this is what it is about for you, but it feels like the state of the planet. It is yours (and mine) and treating it like it is family-owned, we need to be stewards of it and not let people trespass and do stupid stuff. They're ruining it for god's sake!

4) SO and I have both been having dreams of "no one listening." Perhaps that is another state of the union. Perhaps it is that we need to honor our own voice and wisdom as keepers of the planet and keepers of spirit and knowers of what is good and true and right.

Sounds like good, deep, satisfying work.

Deb Shucka said...

I do love your dreams! And all of this analysis.

She said...

Been having some weird dreams myself lately! Ones I need to "go big" with and gain some understanding!

I think I will send them to Wanda! Great stuff!