Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Apparently too long has gone by without a post on Rojo, so this one is for you, Lion King, as well as the rest of you that have come to love the boy as much as I do (and at times, more).

Bought myself a little back-to-school present in August, one of those huge wall calendars with enough room to put every little thing on it. I tear off a couple months' worth out at a time, load it up and put it on the frig., at which time I tell Rojo, "DO NOT WRITE ON THIS!"

And every single month he writes all over it.




And each month it bugs me to no end because I like things neat and tidy.

Took a look at it the other day and he'd scribbled out something on there, and until I put on my "readers" and squinted, I couldn't tell what was still barely showing, underneath all the pencil scratches.

Ash Wednesday.

I walked into the living room, where he basically does live, and said, "So, I see someone scratched out Ash Wednesday on the calendar - anything you want to tell me?"

Looking sheepishly over the top of his glasses he just said, "Yea."

"You don't like Ash Wednesday, do you?" I persisted.

"No," he simply stated.

"Because of the whole no alleluia thing?" I badgered.

I don't know if it's a universal Catholic thing, but at least at Rojo's church/school the "rule" is, "No alleluias during Lent." Lent, which commences on Ash Wednesday, is a time of solemnity.

And solemnity is all well and good - really, I have big plans, actually, scratch that, I have big intentions for having very few plans, during the Lenten season.

I'm all for shutting down the noise and getting reflective. But not giving praise?

"Yes! Because of that! I like to say alleluia! I like to say it every day! I do not like a rule that says you cannot say allelulia! That is a very bad rule. I hate that rule."

I gotta agree.





She said...

I DO LOVE YOUR BOY! His heart is pure gold.

Yes. We must continue to praise.

Tell Rojo I said it's a stupid rule, too!

Ask Me Anything said...

WOW, Alleluia, praise the rojo!

kario said...


Wanda said...

I also think it is a stupid rule. Let him sing allelulia! I'll sing with him.

Anonymous said...


jesswilson said...

alleluia, rojo, alleluia!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Too cute. I guess we are to yearn more for what we are deprived of those 40 days?

Drama Mama said...

OH MY GOD. Every time, I think I can't love him more...and then he says something like this.

You need to take that boy to an African-American Baptist church.

He can alleluia away.

marge said...

I love how honest Rojo is. He makes me smile. Alleluia Rojo!!

Jerri said...


And you go, Rojo!

Robin said...

How about we sneak in a Hallelujah? Does that count? I am with Rojo, throw up your hands and shout!

Amber said...

I agree, too!! AND I think God would agree. She likes the praise, so I've been told.


Deb Shucka said...

He's never once been wrong about the important things. Clearly the world need more Alleluias, and more of this lovely boy's wisdom.