Monday, May 03, 2010



16. She is funny

15. She has style galore

14. She is beautiful, inside and out

13.  She knows herself

12. And loves that self

11. She self advocates

10. She advocates for others

9. She is wise beyond her years

8. She is accepting of differences

7. She is opinionated

6. But respectful of others' opinions

5. Nobody can talk her into doing anything she doesn't want to do

4.  She is a good friend

3. She is kind

2. She is forgiving

1. She loves well

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Anonymous said...

Wishing her the happiest birthday! xo

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Happy Birthday to your amazing girl!

Jerri said...

Happy Birthday to WooHoo and congratulations to her mother.

jess said...

sounds a lot like someone else i know. happy birthday, sweet girl (and mama too!)

Kim said...

Happy birthday Woohoo!! You are the sweetest of sweet sixteens!!

Ask Me Anything said...


I love every one of those same things about her!

Go Mama said...

Woo Hoo for Woohoo! And like I always say, congrats to the mother too. That's no small feat to raise, guide and steer such a wonderful child. Congrats to you both! said...

Aw. Happy 16 Carrie. She is an incredibly gifted and unique girl.

This might be my favorite of your lists.

Deb Shucka said...

She has been well-loved to be able to be all of that so early in her journey. Happy Birthday dearest WooHoo!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to you both! Happy happy!

(did you remind her how many painful hours you had to live through just to give her life? But how it was all worth it...because after they gave you jello?)

ox :)

Elizabeth said...

She has an amazing mama.

Wanda said...

Happy birthday, WooHoo!

She is a beautiful young woman. I was impressed with her presence.

Tabitha Bird said...

Oh. Sweet list. happy birthday to her. :)

Robin said...

Opinionated but respectful of other opinions, might be my favorite character trait ever.

Happy Birthday WooHoo!

Lola said...

wow! amazing daughter AND mother! xo

Suzy said...

And she learned that from her parents!

Love you,


drama mama said...

You birth some pretty perfect kids.

Love them.

Love you.

Happy Birthday WooHoo!

kario said...

First of all, Happy, Happy Day, Woohoo! What an amazing young woman!

Second of all, Holy CRAP! She's 16?! I'm breathing deeply. Very deeply.

Nancy said...

Woo Hoo! 16 Let the driving begin! :) Trevor just turned 16 too!