Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This week our homework was to write a piece with fewer than 1,000 words, that has sugar for a theme.

Writing fewer than 1,000 is seldom my problem Actually, 137 did it for me. Here it is:


Between his index and pointer fingers he grabs the small white pill from the tiny Gladware cup of brown sugar. Out comes a pinch, which he puts it in his mouth, swallows and we wait.

We wait for the tapping to stop.

We wait for the kicking of both feet against the breakfast bar to cease.

We wait for the humming, the jocular swearing, the loud volume and the antics to subside.

As little as 20 minutes and up until 90 it could take. And then it will come. A stillness that will allow us all to take a fuller breath, complete a thought, hear ourselves think.

For 2 ½ hours.

Then back comes the tapping.

And the kicking.

And the humming.

And the swearing, volume and antics.

And we welcome him back.

Because we missed him.


Jerri said...

COL, Sugar. LOL, too.

jess wilson said...


Deb Shucka said...

Brilliant and evocative and poetic.

Naomi said...

This is beautiful.

Wanda said...

Less is more.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Your writing is so easy to visualize. said...


Nancy said...


kario said...


You rock.