Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm in the laundry room moving load number three from washer to dryer, and I hear it.

Clink, clink, clink.

Something has fallen from someone's pocket, and is banging around in there but I can't see it.

I unload and shake each article of clothing: jeans, hoodies, towels, uniform pants, still can't find it.

Clink, clink, clink.

The last piece is out, safely loaded in the dryer, and I dig my hand, and half my arm, in there and swipe away.

Finally my fingers land on something rough on one side, smooth on the other, very tiny.

A flippin' tooth.

Rojo's tooth.

I go into the living room, interrupt his viewing of The Yelling Show, and say, "Did you lose a tooth?"

"It's a long story," he answers me without even looking up.

"WHEN did you lose a tooth?"

"It's a long story," he repeats.

"Okay, so don't tell me the long story, just answer yes or no, were you at school when a tooth fell out, and you just shoved it in your pocket?"

"I told you, it's a long story," he says, slightly miffed, but still refusing to take his eyes of John Hagen on "Praise the Lord."

I go find STM.

"Classic!" I say, showing him the tooth, "Look what I found in the dryer!"

"Is that a TOOTH?" he says.

"No, not A tooth, THE tooth. The tooth I've taken him to a dentist and an orthodontist over. The one that wouldn't come out when the big one started coming in right on top. The one we've been watching to see if it needs to be pulled. The one I've been driving him all over the city for. The tooth that has kept me up at night because I couldn't imagine how we'd ever deal with him having to get a tooth pulled. THAT tooth."

"Yea," STM says, "well someday you'll learn not to sweat it."


But not today.

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deb said...

Too funny. Maybe I'll learn to sweat it one day either:)

Go Mama said...

Just goes to show you, "tooth will out in the end."


pixiemama said...

OMG. How did I miss that yelling game post? I was just sending an email to Foster's teacher about how his talking AT his classmates is not the same as ENGAGING in a conversation. Then I read this.

If the day ever comes where we learn what we should and should not sweat, I daresay it will be heaven on earth. Or I'll be dead. Whatever.

Suzy said...

"It's a long story"

Classic Rojo.
Love that boy.

Ask Me Anything said...

Every Rojo story is a gem. Even one without the "long story".

Wanda said...

Exquisitely told.

I can't wait to hear the rest of the story...long or not.

Molly said...

That is absolutely priceless

marge said...

Very funny. It is so hard to learn how to not sweat things. We can try though.

Deb Shucka said...

At least you found the tooth. At some point you would have noticed it missing and that would have been some mystery to solve. And most likely an even longer story.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Rojo is man of mystery. Get off his back, lady.

Angie Ledbetter said...

In the Deep Deep South, we sweat everything. :) Love this story, and since I have dental phobia, so glad you get to avoid that particular trip.

Lola said...

I feel a 'tooth' dream coming on:)

drama mama said...

OMHOG. The Yelling Show? Um.

"It's a long story?"

You need to get on THAT post.

I will love that boy until my dying day.

Jerri said...

Not sure Rojo knows just how long a story that tooth really is.

Lord, I love that boy.

kario said...

Can't wait to hear the "long story" (Rojo's version). He is a gem, that one.

Learning not to sweat it when it comes to our children is one of the hardest things I'll ever figure out. If I ever do.