Monday, January 26, 2009


Haven't told you guys ELD about my dreams lately - do you miss them?

Well, had a doozy the other night! STM had put Rojo in a car, got him on I5, and told him to just keep driving until he got to San Diego (1,090 miles).

I kept interrogating STM, "He doesn't even know how to drive! He's 12! What were you thinking?"

"He can do it," he kept saying, "it's a straight shot."

"But not if he has to stop to pee, eat, sleep! How will he do all that?"

"I gave him the guide," STM told me.

"The guide?" I asked, the only "guide" that popped in my head at the time was the TV Guide.

STM didn't answer me, but his confidence in Rojo and the presence of the "guide," comforted me.

Every time I see Rojo walking around, I think, God, I'm glad you're not driving to San Diego right now!

Can't shake the dream.

If it's true that all aspects of the dream are parts of us, what part of me is on a long journey, with a guide?

What part of me is heading out of an arctic cold and darkness, and toward the warmth and light of the sun?

What part of me is like Juan Diego?

What part of me puts "unprepared" people "behind the wheel" and tells them to go for it?

What part of me already knows the answers to these questions?

* Photo from Flicker (San Diego Prado - Museum of Man)


Anonymous said...

Especially liked the last sentence:)

Cathy said...

that sounds like a fun dream! I'd love a road trip to san diego. :)

Anonymous said...

When I was a freshman in high school my dad told me to drive to another town over a hundred miles away to get my sister from college. I had been there before but never really paid attention to how we got there. My dad just said follow the signs I would figure it out. I did it. There wasn't even a speed limit then. I think we are all on journey and sometimes we recognize the guides along the way and sometimes there is a detour or two, a pothole here or there, but most of us manage to get there. However, once there we really need to continue to somewhere else. We'll always be on the road. That's what I am a road scholar.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Yep, you know all the answers, little Juan. And as "guided" as you are, I'm sure the imprint of rose petals will show up on your cape soon too! :)

Blog bling fer ya at my place.

Michelle O'Neil said...

What part of you wants to put your child in a car and send them 1,090 miles away?

Certainly not a part I can relate to, (this 17th day Seth is home from school this year).

holly said...

1.parenting Rojo
2. parenting rojo
3. parenting rojo
4. parenting rojo

kario said...

What part of you knows that STM trusts you implicitly to find your way? ;-) Just sayin'

Wanda said...

What part of you knows that the unprepared part of you can handle more than you think it can even without the preparation?

What part of you knows that Rojo is going to be just fine in this world?

drama mama said...

Frankly, I kept thinking how beautiful STM's faith was in Rojo...since I usually have dreams in which I am careening out of control, unable to take the wheel.

And BTW...I LOVE me some Juan Diego.
Ultimate faith. And to boot, an apron opens to reveal an image of the Blessed Mother, filled with roses.

I'll bet Rojo made it to San Diego just fine.

Deb Shucka said...

Your dreams never lie! This one was amazing.

Amber said...

I love these questions. So much meat to chew! What have you figured out?


Lori said...

Great dream. Great insight, too. I guess the message is to relax and enjoy the journey. :)

Ask Me Anything said...

Hey, I'm going to San Diego this week!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Ask Me Anything: No accidents!

Jerri said...

Michelle stole my question.

Also: what part of you wants to go off on a long journey with nothing but a trusted guide beside you?