Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Rojo is happy because the Christmas tree is out of the living room, giving way to more room for a basketball court. Since Thanksgiving he's been limited to football, which to his way of thinking, requires a smaller amount of space.

What it really required was a different colored afghan/throw/blanket depending on which teams were playing. We've got a blue one and that went down over the carpet and became "turf" if he was playing at Boise State University. The rest got the greenish one. He "was" Boise, a lot, though, so blue and green got about equal time on the floor - and in the washing machine.

So now that the tree is down though, he can have full use of the room, and two "hoops" - the opposing windows. The afghans are back in their basket by the side of the couch, and he's all over the room, shooting, blowing his "whistle," cheering, being the band, the refs, all the players, the "whole Maryann," as STM would say.

Last night I'm watching him and my mind drifts off - and I guess, so do my eyes.

He stops the game, looks right at me and says, "Don't mind your own business, mind MY business!"

And that's really all the boy wants and needs - my "minding." Why is that the very hardest thing to give?


Angie Ledbetter said...

Love this post. Mind my business. Isn't that what all kids (and some husbands) want? Will never hear or say MYOB again without thinking of that adorable kid!

Jerri said...

Like the ball, Rojo knows.

We ALL want someone to mind our business. That's why it's so hard to mind the business of others.

Wanda said...

Sounds like meditation. Now if we could just all learn to do that so...seamlessly.

You are a saint.

Jamie said...

I agree sometimes that is so hard to give - I love how he put it though!!!

t i m said...

I have a habit of minding other people's businesses. :)

She said...

I love how honest he is about what he wants from you (and needs).

How many of us end up with addictions and such because we don't know how to express our wants and needs -- even if the person says no -- expressing it is so powerful.

YOU are a fabulous mom! You know that, right?!

Terry said...

Truly "minding" someone else's business is a feat!

drama mama said...

Okay. We have the same deal since the tree left, only this time, the Pottery Barn mosaic rug serves as "dance spots" for the girls to do their dances every night.

I LOVE that he wants you to mind HIS business.



deb said...

Katie too. It's so hard because they want so much. I can be looking at Katie, arm wrapped around her shoulder and she's still asking for more of my attention. It's tough.

Deb Shucka said...

Well, there's never any doubt about what that amazing boy needs! It seems like it's easier for you to MHB when you've had ample time to tend to your own - which you have not lately by any stretch of the imagination. Love to you.

Nancy said...

The magic of Rojo! He sifts through the BS and goes straight to the point of everything. LOVE his Rojo-isms.