Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So I put Rojo to bed, I've completed the full battery of bedtime routines, and am heading down the hall to my own bedroom. I pass the two opposing doors that separate our rooms. The laundry room (upstairs laundry: best invention ever) which directly faces Woohoo's door. And I think, That's the space I hold, right there in the middle. I am seated on the hardwood floor right between two doors, feet shoved hard against one, pushing, pushing, pushing, and back against the other, holding back, holding back, holding back. All I need to do to stop this insanity, is just stand up. That's it. Just. Stand. Up.

I keep walking to my room, all full of myself for my deep and powerful insight, and Rojo pulls me back into the moment.

"Mom," he calls from the opposite side of his door, "What time do you think you'll wake up tomorrow?"

"I think I'll wake up at 5:30 tomorrow. What time do you think you'll wake up?" I ask.

"I think I'll wake up at 6:10," he says.

"Okay. See you at 6:10," I say, "I love you, goodnight."

Back to my reverie and he cuts in again.

"Mom! Are you going to jump up and down?"

"Excuse me?" I ask, not knowing WTF he's talking about, because I'm all about doors now, and have long lost the magic of my moment with him.

"When you wake up at 5:30? Are you going to jump up and down because you will be so excited to wake up?"

"Oh. Good idea. Yes, I will jump up and down at 5:30," I answer.

"Don't forget!" he says. "Don't forget to be excited when you wake up tomorrow. Promise you won't forget."

"Okay. I promise not to forget," I say before making the final steps to my room. Finally.

"Mom?" he calls again.

""Yes?" I say through gritted teeth.

"That's a blog."

And so it is.

Now back to the jumping.

(BTW, guess what time he woke up today. To. The. Minute.)

* Photo from www.wildwesthardware.com


Drama Mama said...

I'm jumping.

Tell him that.

Don't forget to tell him that.

Don't forget to tell him that, at 5:53, I am jumping up and down for knowing him.


Kathryn said...

He's darling.

Anonymous said...

Just finished jumping! You only jump when you're really happy. So he stared his a bit early. He wants to make the most of it. He will be the sunrise in your day.

Wanda said...

Love these Rojo blogs. The kid is a writer.

Go Mama said...

Love. That. Boy!

Anonymous said...

He's amazing.

Go Mama said...

I came back to tell you that your insight just reminded me of something I read recently. As long as we are butting up against something...pushing, fighting, insisting...it remains in conflict for us. As soon as we reset our focus and shift our energy, we can release lower energies and create a different reality.

The higher we vibrate the less we hold onto. We will simply BE, drawing like energies to us.

Perhaps, as Rojo reminded you, that is worth jumping for! A new day...a new vision.

I think you're both on to something.

Michelle O'Neil said...

So great!!!

The O'Neils love Rojo!!!

Angie Ledbetter said...

I think he's psychic! He added to your profound door moment. Yes, all you have to do is Stand Up...but he was reminding you to also jump for joy when you do. :) How cool is that?

Angie Ledbetter said...

PS I put your book in the mail this morning. *huggage*

Joanne said...

I think you're starting a revolution here, a happy, jumping one!

Amber said...

Very very funny. Because jumping up and down at 5:30 is about the LAST thing I would want to do... lol!

But I like that he made us think about how we SHOULD all be excited when we wake up everyday. :)

I sent you email. :)


kario said...

Okay, I'm thinking he actually was there with you in that moment, my dear. While you were telling yourself to stand up, he was telling you that wasn't enough - you are supposed to jump up and down. With excitement.


Lori said...

Well, I'M excited about your door revelation. :))

At my age, the thought of jumping any time before noon is daunting, but I'll join you anyway. :))

She said...

Wish I felt like jumping up and down when I woke up each morning.

I must meet Rojo to inspire this zest for each new day!

Nancy said...

We get so caught up in analysis of our lives sometimes that we forget to simply be grateful for them. "Are you going to jump up and down because you will be so excited to wake up?"

Rojo's purpose in this life may be to share his light and wisdom and thank God he reaches all of us through you. Thank you Rojo!


Oh that is too funny. And what insight... the thought I had when I thought of a child asking me if I jumped up and down at the start of a new day... I was like, no... I don't feel that way any more (if I ever did?). That is kind of sad, and I have to say I've wanted that feeling. I do jump up and down though as a matter of occasional practice (I call it the kangaroo) and it's quite fun :)