Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sorry to disappoint you all, there really is no back story to the "mysterious" quote on yesterday's post. I am still on my Caroline Myss kick, and now am knee-deep in Entering the Castle. It's a study of the mystic, St. Teresa of Avila. Soon as I learn of someone new, I must get to Googling, and well, one thing led to another, and next thing you know I found that quote of hers and liked it.

That's it.

Did spend some time today, however, reflecting on the various answered and unanswered prayers over the years, and damn if that mystic nun from the 16th century wasn't right! Bottom line really seems clear: Control is an illusion, and any prayers that are really an act of coercion, should have an entirely different name, like, wishing.


Mary Oliver said...

So every day
I was surrounded by the beautiful crying forth
of the idea of God,

one of which was you.

kario said...

Damn, you're hard to keep up with!


God isnt that the truth... reminds me of the line from Eat Pray Love aka Richard from Texas telling Liz she needs to get a backbone where her wishbone is... a good reminder to myself.

Jerri said...

Is that THE Mary Oliver commenting on your blog? The poet, I mean.

Lord, Girl. You have ar-riv-ed!

Totally with you on the prayers of coercion/illusion of control thing.

Rev. Christine said...

So exciting to hear about Caroline Myss interpretation of St Teresa! Great to meet you at Wordstock!

She said...

Hello! Is that really Mary Oliver? Because if so, then I'm jumping up and down up and down!


Gotta run. Must go get my copy of The Interior Castle off my bookshelf!

Amber said...

No God as Magic Genie, then? Heh.

Tonight I called out to God, knowing that I don't understand what the answer will be, or why it will be so... But as carolyn says, we always get the answer. It just is not always what we hope.

I wish I COULD control. Reality is a bitch.