Saturday, July 14, 2007


"I am going to get Bart when I am one one, Mom. On Saturday, July 14th at 12:00 I am going to get Bart, Mom. Did you know that? Did you know I am going to get Bart when I am one one, Mom?"

"That's right, Rojo, you are going to get your Bart Simpson toy on your birthday, when you are eleven."

"Are you excited for me to get my Bart, Mom? Are you excited that when I am one one I will get Bart for my birthday, Mom? Aren't you happy, Mom?"

"I am super happy, Rojo, I am super, super happy," I say, smiling, and meaning it.


"Mom! I have a great idea! Let's go to Toys R Us at 11:59 PM tonight and get my Bart Simpson! Promise you will wake me up at 11:59 PM tonight and we will go to Toys R Us, Mom?"

"Sure," I answer.

"Promise you won't forget to wake me up at 11:59 tonight so we can go to Toys R Us, Mom. OK? Promise you won't forget?"

"I promise," I say, lying through my teeth.


"MOM! You did not wake me up at 11:59 last night! Why did you not wake me up at 11:59 last night, Mom? You were supposed to wake me up at 11:59 last night and take me to Toys R Us to get Bart Simpson! Why did you forget to wake me up last night, Mom? Wake me up tonight, and DO NOT FORGET!"

I muster an unconvincing nod every 10 minutes.


"Mom! I have a great idea! We will just go to Toys R Us right now and get my Bart Simpson! Isn't that a great idea, Mom? Can't you believe what a great idea that is, Mom? We will just go right now to Toys R Us! We don't have to wait until 12:00! We can just go right now!"

My tall, crew-cutted blond, skinny, darling of a boy is eleven today, one one. I'd like to say, "I can't believe it's been eleven years since the day he was born," but I can believe it. So can my grey hair, lined face, high blood pressure and caffeine addicted body. I can believe it. What I can't believe is it hasn't been longer. I must be a hundred, maybe more. It's only 7:34 AM, 10:34 EDT, and today already feels like a week.

"Aren't you excited Mom? Aren't you excited that it is my birthday today, Mom?"

"I'm super excited," I answer as enthusiastically as one can be on 5 1/2 hours of sleep.

Thinking how glad I am that the party is at 12:00 and not a minute later, my eyes check my watch, wow, 7:37 AM already. What is that they say about time flying?

I look up from the computer, set my love mug full of love down on the coaster to my right, turn my eyes towards the window in front of me and look to the heavens.

"Thank you, God," I say, meaning it. Thank you for this boy that is so full of love. Thank you for this boy that at "one one" only wants a $10.00 toy and will be over the moon with it. Thank you for this boy that has no ego, the purest soul on the planet, nothing but love shooting out of him at all times. Thank you for somehow thinking I am up to this challenge. I'm hoping you know more than I do, because it is now 7:40, and I am already fantasizing about his bedtime."

"Mom! I almost forgot! I love you!" he says, eyes bright, smile wide, dimples deep.

"I love you, too, Rojo, I'm so glad you were born! You're the best thing that ever happened to me," I answer, eyes bright, smile wide, wrinkles deep.


Bossy Boots said...

I look up from the computer, set my love mug full of love down on the coaster to my right, turn my eyes towards the window in front of me and look to the heavens.

Wonderful writing. Wonderful honesty.

Happy Birthday, Mom, you've come a long long way!

Jenny Rough said...

Carrie, you have the ability to make me laugh and cry at the same time. You and your love and your writing are such gifts.

Suzy said...

Happy 11 birthday to Rojo at 11:11 EST.


Jenny Rough said...

P.S. Happy b-day to Rojo. July birthdays rule!

grammer said...

Beautifully done, Carrie, I can hear him clearly, every 10 minutes, and I can see you clearly, grated nerves and grateful heart. Up to the task and more, you are. Blessings. xo t

Nancy said...

He is the aboslutely best thing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Rojo! I hope he loves his Bart Simpson toy for many days to come.
Love, love, love how you wrote this. Simpley Beautiful and honest. XOXO

Anonymous said...

If only you could get Rojo to figure out all of the time zones he could start his birthday real early and dmake it last a long time.......i'll have to coach him on this one.
He is a gift to the universe! Because of your writing more and more people are knowing and loving him.

Lee Wolfe Blum said...

very sweet!

holly said...

Happy Birthday to you both.

And, So glad you posted this. Read it and remembered that I had comepletly forgotten my nieces b-day today.

kario said...

Happy Bart-day, Rojo! Love to you and your mom. You guys are awesome!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday day to you both!

You express the paradox of your life here so well, Carrie. I never know whether to laugh or cry, and often do both when I read your stories.

Much love.

Michelle O'Neil said...


You are a good mommy.

Happy Birthday.

Love & admiration.


Jess said...

Happy Bday to Rojo!! I hope it was a good one. How was the party?

Yep, you captured it.

And I was going to quote that line, the one bossy boots quoted up top. Great stuff.

Ziji Wangmo said...

Happy Birthday Rojo!
Happy BIRTH day, Carrie - hope you both have an excellent day!
You deserve it.
luv u

Go Mama said...

Congratulations Carrie. As much as kids get excited for their special day, I say as much (and more) belongs to you for having survived this far.

Happy one-one to you both!!

Jerri said...

Late to the party here, but still want to wish Rojo a happy one one.

You, too, Carrie girl. Happy, happy.

Kim said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this earlier. It's because you had me in tears. This post is absolute perfection. Those last lines slay me.

Carissa Ciuca said...

I found you on Jenny Rough's blog and this brought tears to my eyes. So many Complainers and not enough Count-Our-Blessings-ers. Thank you. I'll be back.

Terry Whitaker said...

stunning writing. I visualize it deeply.