Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My new best friend, aka, NBF, is this hunky dude, Eckhart Tolle. He's Mr. Power of Now. I've been listening to his book, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.It's so profound I have to listen over and over again hoping that some seeds of understanding are finding their way into soil minimally rich enough to allow growth in my soul. My soul soil. I toss a Corona with lime on top of the soul soil occasionally, finding a day of intense mulching in need of an adult beverage.

My soul soil turned and worked all yesterday with this one: "The ego wants to want, more than it wants to need," and this one, "...it is an addictive need, however, not an authentic need."

www.kriyayoga.com defines ego as:

"The Ego is that part of your present personality and your wholesome being including your astral body, Causal body and soul that is different from God and prevents you from becoming instantly one with God.

The ego is the sum of many spiritual blockages that you collected during your journey far away from God-Union. The ego also consists of all the wounds and psycho-traumatic adventures you experienced during the present childhood and incarnation as well as during all previous incarnation.

Experiences made during separation from God may lead to traumatic wounds and shocks received and accumulated, while being consciously separated from your Divine home.

Increasing devotion to God and spiritual progress replace the Ego with Divinity - leading to and permanently increasing enlightenment of your consciousness.

Dissolving the ego means replacing your present personality with a God-made personality of everlasting Love and Bliss. During the process of dissolving ones Ego in the fire of Divine Love, spiritual ignorance is replaced by wisdom and God-consciousness.

The Ego can fight, feel pain and suffer. A fully enlightened soul may be aware of suffering, however never can suffer or feel any pain on its own."

I awaken this morning, tension between my eyes. Like a hamster on a wheel, my ego runs in vicious circles, trying to get ahead of what it can't possibly, my soul. Today's going to be a two Cornoa day, I can tell already.


Anonymous said...

Add chips and salsa.

grammer said...

Very interesting post, Carrie, I think I'm getting your headache just trying to sort it out.

Now if Tolle could just put that on the body ... somewhere, anywhere ...

(thank you) xo t

Bossy Boots said...

...hoping that some seeds of understanding are finding their way into soil minimally rich enough to allow growth in my soul. My soul soil. (NICE)

NOW, where are you as you write this, what is the temperature, where are you sitting, what is your view, what time is it??? Have I taught you nothing...I don't live in your head, I live in the world, with you, with my own voices in the head...now give me place, details, temperature...all I'm say.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I have heard great things about this book, but your right about it being intense. I think I would have to take his concepts slow and ponder and relflect each one for a while until I really get them. They do make so much sense and are so powerful. Each concept, for me could be a whole book,my soul soil (love that term) gets clogged if I feel overload. I think the book on CD would be a better choice for me. Very interesting post. Thanks. XOXO

Kim said...

My soul soil needs a lot of tending--I appreciates the natural fertilizer you give it every day!