Tuesday, June 05, 2007


In my friend's, Kathleen, family, there is an expression oft used, "Getting the pink."

Story goes, one of her young nieces began singing to herself one evening after a particularly busy, kid-filled day, "I didn't get the pink, didn't get the pink, didn't get the pink all day..." over and over to herself with a sad, pitiful look in her eye, and pathetic tone in her song.

"What's wrong, Honey?" one parent eventually asked.


They were eventually able to determine "the pink" to be a pink Otter Pop (frozen snack). Apparently the day was hot, lots of kids in and out of the house coming in for Otter Pops, and well, you can see the tragic ending to this story. She got purple, green, blue, red and orange, but alas, no pink.

Years later, Kathleen's family uses the term when anyone is feeling left out, not important enough, or just receiving sub-par levels of attention in general.

The inverse also is true, one can get "plenty of pink." It's even possible to get "too much pink." I've been thinking about all of this as I process the needs vs. wants "thing". Feeling recognized, validated, noticed is such a basic need. God love the person that is able to state this need so well! Getting the pink goes nicely with my other favorite stolen expression, "Not enough has been made of..." invoked when what was said/done/felt/etc. did not get the proper level of response. Really, when you think about it, they are just nicer ways of calling bullshit!

Consider your pink needs today, and with gentle speech demand that they be met, understanding in the end, nobody will truly meet them but ourselves.


kario said...

Yup - I've got a freezer full of Otter Pops. While the kids are at school I think I'll head out to the garage and get myself one or two.

Kim said...

Terrific! I love Kathleen and her family for giving this expression the value and longevity it clearly deserves.

And, I love that you just said "oft." Not enough has been made of your clever, sassy, perfectly high/low writing style. It's just a fresh, crunchy, juicy bite of apple, every time. Delish!

Jerri said...

I've been feeling decidedly low on the pink lately, Carrie. This post was the perfect reminder of where it truly lives.

You're totally right, it's important to give voice to one's needs and wants, but critical (thanks, Terry) to recognize the source of the pink.

I'm with Kim. Delish!

Deb said...

Kim said it perfectly. Not enough has been said of you as a writer.

Sue said...

Carrie Fisher coined the phrase "Surrender the pink", which has a quite different, grown-up meaning entirely!!!!!

This has nothing to do with your post, I know, but I thought I'd throw it in.