Monday, May 14, 2007


10. My mom spent it with my brother
9. No green Jell-O
8. We combined two May birthdays into the celebration
7. Check, check, check!
6. My mother-in-law is the easiest to please person on the planet
5. The party wasn't at my house
4. My husband gave me the nicest card in the world
3. Rojo gave me candy and then ate it all
2. Woo-Who gave me homemade coupons to clean her room and babysit her brother
1. It's over for another year


Suzy said...

My favorite is #3.


Sue said...

Yeah! It's over!

Happy post-Mother's Day to you!

I got a cake baked by C & her father, which C decorated with white frosting, swedish fish and fresh raspberries -- an interesting combination ....

Got great cards from both Bs and flowers. Saw my mother and sister, and we all watched "The Queen" together. Also saw my mother-in-law, who is insisting on coming here @ 9:00 am to fold laundry. ("Do we have any wine????" will be her first question, as she opens the fridge. No kidding.)

G gave me candy, then ate all my candy, too, but I still have the flower petal coupons, including "get mom a diet coke" (maybe I should cut down a bit). I'm definitely going to use that one, "feed the bunny" and the others!

He said you had some particularly interesting coupons ... G would say, "Does you mom like that?" and your darling son would say, "I don't know!" and go on to the next one.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda bummed you skipped the green jello! It was getting to be such a tradition. I'm with Suzy on #3, that candy would be so gone! Hope you had a nice day, even without the green jello.

jennifer said...

#10 and #3 made me laugh so hard I spit on my computer....thanks Link!!!

Monica said...

#10 killed me. Cracked me up.

Ziji Wangmo said...

Lovin' your list. I'm laughing out loud.