Sunday, May 06, 2007



"Hi! It's Carrie. I know you are both sick as dogs and haven't been out of the house in days. I am going to Safeway right now, what can I bring you/"

"Oh nothing. We're just fine."

"Really? You have everything you need?"

"Oh yes, we're good. Really. Don't worry about us!"

"How about juice?"

"Well, yes, we could use a little juice."


"Sure, orange would be great."

"Any particular kind?"

"Oh no, it doesn't matter."

"Do you like it to have pulp? Extra pulp? No pulp?"

"Oh we'd prefer it to not have pulp."

"OK, what else?"

"Oh no, just the orange juice."

"How about bread?"

"Well, we did use our last slice yesterday..."

"OK, I'll get bread. Whole wheat?"

"Whole wheat would be fine."

"Would you prefer something else?"

"Oh no, whole wheat is fine."

"Do you like a particular kind?"

"No, just whatever's on sale."

"Do you even WANT whole wheat?"


And so it went until $50 later I'd delivered all the things they were completely out of.


Kim said...

It's amazing how difficult it can be for some people to say what they need.

If you ever feel like doing my grocery shopping, I promise you a thorough and extremely precise list. (not to mention plane tickets and a place to stay!)

Suzy said...

And yet, not a mark on 'em.

Don't 'cha just love people like that?

"Don't worry about us. We'll just eat the cat food."

Can you pick up some dog food for Woody & Penny?
They like the tiny nibbles.

Love you!

holly said...

Can you bring me some soymilk? West Soy - Vanilla, Orgainc, in the red container.

This is your mom right? I swear we were effing seperated at birth.

holly said...

and kim - I'll do your grocery shopping for tickets and a spot on the couch!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good person, really!! I know it is frustrating when people find it so hard to just come out and say what they need, but I do know they do appreciate it. You my friend, a beautiful person inside and out.

Deb said...

Your mom, right? Your patience is saint-like. Thanks for my daily chuckle!

I promise to clearly state my needs in Sisters. Would you like the list ahead of time? :)


grammer said...

I think sometimes "anything you need" is just too big. I've been on the other end of this conversation, couldn't think of a thing I wanted or needed until my friend offered some concrete suggestions that I could work with -- exactly like what happened here!

Carrie, you handled this so well. Why am I not surprised? xo t

kario said...

Love this. Love the feeling I get when I can do it for others, too. It makes it that much easier to ask for help when I need it or accept it when it's offered.

Jerri said...

A friend's family joke: How many Moss children does it take to change a ligthbulb?

Oh, don't bother. I'll just sit here in the dark.

Her mom speaking.

Sue said...

I'm afraid we'd be much the same if you had called us. But I wouldn't have let you go to the store ....

I agree, you are a saint. The Buddhist-ish Saint Carrie.


Terry Whitaker said...

I would've had you over a hundred bucks in about a minute and a half!

jennifer said...

So hard to ask for help! Good work "teasing" that out Link!!!

riversgrace said...

You are truly a saint!