Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Today I became a mother,
Thirteen years ago,
If you don't believe me
There are many grey hairs to show.

"Woo-Who" is what we call her,
Rojo named her that.
Always his big sister,
It's one of her many hats.

Some others she wears,
Are granddaughter and niece.
Cousin, baby sitter, friend,
Everyone gets their piece.

She's a stong-minded one,
Won't back down from a fight.
She knows when you're wrong,
And she knows when she's right.

Generous, thoughtful and funny,
She takes after her mom.
As anyone can tell,
She is quite the bomb.

Wouldn't trade her for any,
She's one-of-a-kind.
She's my little girl,
I've got quite a find.


Terry Whitaker said...

I hope you left this at the end of her bed this morning! It should be the first thing she sees today. Give that teenager a big giant hug and kiss for me. I miss her tons.

Anonymous said...

She gives a smile so bright
You know her mind is full of might
now with cell in tow
when she calls i will know
someone is thinking of me
wouldn't be carrie
she rejected me
happy birthday ****

Kim said...

This is so adorable! She will keep this forever.

Happy birthday Woo-Hoo!!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Woo-Hoo! Her smile and light were the last thing I saw at the end of the February workshop. She is indeed her mother's daughter - a being to be celebrated for sure.

Monica said...

Carrie, your girl is thirteen years old? And what a beauty! A teenager now. I hope it was a great day. I hope you gave yourself a gigantic hug for being the incredible mother you are. And I hope Woo-Who had the best birthday ever.